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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Obtain Self Confidence With A Positive Attitude

Think about a self confident person that you know and admire. Close your eyes, and really think about them. Think about the things they have recently done or said. Think about how they act when a problem arises. I will bet that the person you are thinking about has a positive attitude that shines through in almost everything they say or do, and especially when there is a problem to be solved.

The self confidence that they have is more than likely a result of the positive attitude. You can not have one without the other, and any person that does have one without the other is more than likely putting on an act. A positive attitude gives you self confidence.

When you have a positive attitude, you think clearly. You react to bad situations more appropriately. People who are negative can rarely rattle your cage. You see situations, life, and yourself in a very different way when you have a positive attitude - and that automatically creates self confidence.

People with good attitudes rarely dwell on the negative - not even the negative things about themselves. When an overweight positive person looks in the mirror, they do not say 'I am fat.' They say 'I need to lose some weight.' Instead of complaining about a problem, they stated a solution to the problem. Something as small as the way something is stated is proof of self confidence. If a positive high school student is not doing well in one of his subjects, he does not say 'I am stupid.' He says 'I need to study.' No complaint - just a solution to a problem.

Try this out with yourself to determine whether you have a positive attitude that already has, or will, create self confidence. Pay attention to the things that you say about yourself, or think about yourself, and write them down each day. After about a week, go back and read the statements. Do not cheat! Be sure to write things down in the exact words you thought them in! Are you positive or negative about yourself?

If you are positive, good for you! If you are negative, it is time to start working on your attitude, so you can build up your self confidence. The beauty of this is that the only thing you really have to work on is your attitude - the self confidence will arrive all on its own!

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