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Sunday, November 11, 2007

How To Overcome Leadership Challenges

Frequently leaders are questioned about the challenges that encourage good leadership. Recent research indicates there are 8 prevalent topics. It is vital you identify with as many as possible so that you meet these challenges and rise like a phoenix to enlightenment.

1. Humility - The courage to admit that you are wrong quickly and move in a positive direction. When Jet Blue was faced with a massive communication breakdown in the winter of 2006, humility enabled the CEO to rise from the ashes.

2. Energy - Professional and collegiate athletes reach competitiveness from the energy and enthusiasm engrained from their leaders. While the general public can condone the antics of professional basketball coach Bob Knight, they cannot deny his energy his players.

3. Intuition - We might all suffer from analysis paralysis. Leadership requires the intuition to make the solid judgments. Intuition does not rely on perfection but rather using prior mistakes for better alternatives.

3. Vision - Vision is what drives leadership. If it were not for vision, Ford, Lincoln, Einstein and Washington would never have made their mark on our ancestry.

4. Perspective - Followers desire leaders that are straight shooters and are candid in their approach.

5. Passion - No one will ever deny the use of passion in leadership. King, Lincoln, Clinton are great examples of leaders that love what they do. Moreover, those that found companies such as Gates and Jobs are even more passionate as they nurture their offspring.

6. Conviction - Articulation is a necessity in our multigender and multicultural society. The power of communication is vital to instill growth and success. Failure to communicate is what destroys leaders.

7. Learning - America is founded on the principle of education and risk. Keep learning and keep growing, never stop. Lack of learning is similar to refrain from watering your plants and garden. Your brain requires educational nourishment.

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