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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Feelings of the Oneness

Feelings of oneness with the Universe - indeed, with the Omniverse - these feelings are the beginning of the change that occurs when one begins the process of loosening the ties of the world and acknowledging the Oneness that Is All. These feelings may include visions, apparitions, sounds, smells and unusual experiences that have not yet been encountered. Yet, this awareness is only the tip of the iceberg to that which lies underneath the consciousness that is awakening.

As each person moves more and more into the awakened state, more unusual experiences are apt to become part of that individual's life. Energy coursing through the body speaks of its becoming alive - fully alive and sensitive to the frequencies that inhabit the form and flowing out into the formless. There is the beginning of an inkling of remembering how the waves of manifestation work and pulse as the current flows from the field of Source downward in frequency to the dimensions in which the form resides. Such are the feelings and they can be accompanied with thoughts of losing control, impending disaster, even death. Indeed, the ego begins to undergo an egoic death so it is not far off the mark.

During this time, others see the individual as off balance and in a state of chaos. Even medical treatment may be suggested. Yet, the natural course of what is being experienced is so much more profound and there are no words to convey the state of existence that he or she may be experiencing, often changing in each moment. Anger comes; a feeling of desertion, pain and often suffering, physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is this torment that appears to assail those who are letting go of the currents of the mass consciousness while seeking greater heights? Could it be as simple as the evolution of the consciousness itself as it begins to recognize its own spark of Divine Essence? Could it be that mankind is created, destined for exactly this; that life has meaning in exactly these profound moments of trial and pain? Could this ordeal be seen as pleasure and embraced with the love of the Open Heart?

Indeed, this is exactly what is being asked in these moments. As each one comes to the crossing between being earthbound and otherworld-centered, he or she must step across that boundary - filled with uncertainties and fearful anticipations - and touch the farther shore by setting foot on a world that will resurrect him or her into a space that knows no end and had no beginning. It is the end of the hunger and the fulfillment of that yearning which appeared to have no end. The journey has been worth the traveling and now the urge is to bring others to this resting place, this place of Divine Peace.

As each of you step through these doors in your day-to-day life, know that the way is always before you; that what you are seeking is what you already are and that the presence of the Divine Master of your Open Heart leads you surely and safely to the shore that beckons you. Keep your eyes fastened on that shore and you will surely reach it, no matter the obstacles that appear to be in the way of your secure arrival. Your entrance is assured and your path is secure. The path is through your Heart.

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich, Ph.D. is a visionary, weaver of grace, quantum physicist and multidimensional traveler. Born with memory of the etheric worlds intact, Toni uses her gifts to expand the same remembrance within the consciousness of other beings. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State where she conducts personal sessions, retreats and etheric readings for all those drawn to the authentic Self. She is the author of The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human and its accompanying CD, DNA Re-Awakening. Toni is also a direct channel for the Light Orbs who are the Guardians of the Soul. She does long distance healing, spiritual counseling, soul readings, light orb readings and chakra readings by appointment.

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