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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guardian Spirits - Do They Really Exist or Are They Figments of the Imagination?

A great many people firmly believe in the idea of "Guardian Spirit". They are convinced that in times of extreme danger, a powerful, spiritual force is always close at hand to guard and protect them. Detailed accounts have been written by these people of incidents that occurred when they were completely alone in an isolated area and faced with dangerous situations.

According to these reports, they were conscious of a strange sensation that they were not alone but an "unseen presence" was close by. This mysterious, spiritual force inspired them with confidence and gave them a warm, comforting feeling no harm would come to them. As widespread as this acceptance of the existence of "Guardian Spirits" appears to be, there are certainly as many, practical-minded, pragmatic individuals, who completely reject the idea

They regard it as an example of a superstitious belief held by people with strong imaginations; an illusion conjured up in their minds to relieve their anxiety and counteract their feelings of stress.

Although it is difficult to reconcile these two conflicting points of view, it may be possible to find a common meeting ground, by examining what the term "Guardian Spirit" means to different people. There are many who think of a "Guardian Spirit" in very narrow, easily definable terms. To them a "Guardian Spirit" represents a mysterious, "unseen", supernatural force, always close at hand, that provides them with a warm, comforting feeling whenever they feel threatened.

Others however, interpret the term "Guardian Sprit" in a more rational, less mysterious, more understandable fashion. They see it as powerful, intuitive feelings; similar to an "inner voice", or a certain "gut feeling". The Psychoanalyst Theodore Reik referred to these intuitive feelings as "listening with the third ear". According to him, these are special intuitive powers everyone possesses, but in most instances they remain unused and dormant. He suggested these special powers could be developed and nurtured.

Have there been occasions, in your life, when an important decision you were called upon to make was not based on logic or rational analysis, but on a certain "gut feeling''? Is it perhaps possible this "inner voice" you listen to when critical decisions have to be made, may be your own personal "Guardian Spirit"?

The argument whether "Guardian Spirits" exist or not will never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction but perhaps this may be a reasonable explanation for some aspects of the "Guardian Spirit" idea. On the other hand, perhaps Shakespeare placed the problem in the right perspective with the profound observation expressed by Hamlet "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Dennis Fisher is managing director of financial and investment Companies. In addition to his involvement in many different fields of business, his interests include an in-depth study of various schools of practical psychology, self-improvement and meditation.

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