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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Five Year Plan And The Five Second Plan

With intent one steps forward. With awareness one modifies their step so as to avoid a pothole. This leads one in a slightly different direction. The intent may still be similar, though now the environment has changed. And so it goes.

The steps of one's life are executed constantly often taking one to a point never imagined. As John Lennon sang "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans".

Even if the five year plan is on target, the reality of the arrival rarely meets expectations. What the original you ( five years less life- experienced) envisioned, is now felt within the skin of a modified you with five more years of life experience. This is why the arrival is rarely what was pictured.

With acute awareness, one is less likely to experience a sense of 'How did I get here?' because when choosing in the moment the appropriate response, all is experienced as process. All is becoming. In every moment there is arrival. In every moment the goal is met.

The five year plan happens as it should with present moment awareness being the driver. Obstacles are faced directly and overcome. Creative solutions are found as one can only react to an action. As much as one's intellect may want to anticipate and plan; something called life interferes.

Twists and turns. Chance and fate. Destiny and plot changes. Responding and growing. Learning and growing. Erring and repeating the error. Erring and correcting.

Take a moment and think back to five years ago. As close to the day as possible. Where were you? Who had not yet entered your life? Who had not yet left your life? What were your dreams and desires? Have they been fulfilled? What didn't happen ? What did instead?

Isn't it remarkable? So much you could not have imagined. Even today may bring a change like no other. Be ready. Be open. Be real.

At this moment you are choosing a direction. Even doing nothing is a choice. At this moment you have arrived. Dissatisfaction compels us to move towards satisfaction. What do you seek? Where are you headed? A multitude of choices present themselves daily, whether there is awareness or not. The point between the now and the then will always involve a choice; conscious or otherwise.

Grasp the immensity of this. To the degree you are able to stay within the here and now, to that degree you are able to respond with clarity to the world passing by. It is that simple and that difficult. It can take a lifetime or a moment to understand. Don't force; let it wash over you.

We find ourselves in five year or five second increments together underneath the sheltering sky. Let us help and support one another in our quest to find truth in our lives. Every five seconds. Every five years.

Although founded in 2000, OptimumSelf has literally been over twenty years in the making. The advent of the internet now presents the perfect vehicle to communicate what optimumself is all about.

We intend to enable individuals to dramatically change their lives through the information we provide. Our unique eBook and newsletters are the keys to discovering peace, happiness and contentment.

Vincent Quattrin, the author of OptimumSelf, welcomes your comments.

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