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Monday, September 24, 2007

Crisis or Opportunity?

What now? You may be faced with a crisis of some sort. Perhaps a major lifestyle change or personal loss. There will be a tendency to question why this is occurring at this time and place. There are seldom suitable answers to these questions and that process alone is energy draining. You may feel unprepared to face a certain change. It can be overwhelming and anxiety causing.

It is vitally important at these times to remain quiet and depend on your inner resources. They may not have been tested to this degree before. This may be an opportunity in disguise. Our ability to respond appropriately at such times may later be viewed as crucial turning points. Whether they be deemed positive or negative depends upon our ability to remain centered.

Remaining centered, while easier said than done, is absolutely within your power. Beginning your day with a morning meditation will prepare you to respond calmly but decisively in any crisis you may face. It is imperative to center yourself before the crisis hits, rather than reacting emotionally and trying to find your center afterwards. Scrambling back to find your calm center from that emotional state is very difficult indeed.

If you are centered when the metaphorical door closes shut, you will have the awareness to locate another opening that perhaps you had never noticed. Anger, panic and resentment effectively narrow your field of vision, while the absence of these creates a wide angle view and even allows for peripheral vision.

The world around you and the circumstances of your life will necessarily be ever-changing. Change is evidence of growth. What happens around you is often beyond your control however how you react to these inevitable changes is your choice.

Rest assured that the essence of who you are is changeless and timeless. Find this inner self daily and welcome change outside yourself and the accompanying new opportunities. Calmly see a new door open.

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