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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Millionaire Mindset - Discover the True Secrets

By Pushpa Pal Singh

Becoming rich is not just about doing the right thing rather it's mostly about your mindset. You can become a future millionaire just by changing the thoughts in your mind. Thoughts always precede action and in order to get what you truly desire you need to replace your old mind set with a new one which would guarantee your success. So what sort of mindset is required to make those millions?

Quit your job- You might be thinking this is a totally sense less comment. But in order to become a millionaire you need to quit your job for simple reasons that at present you are working for someone else at a weekly or monthly fixed salary and there is not much room for improvement there. Additionally the person you are working for is harnessing your services to make him more money and he only pays you a very tiny part of that massive income he derives from your services. Therefore the very first lesson you need to learn is to work for yourself and not for someone else. Most people in the world spend most part of their life working for someone else and making that person rich.

The common fact- When all millionaires across the world were studied there wasn't anything much common in all of them but one thing. All of them held very large share in real estate and properties. If you were to ask any millionaire what is the best investment he would always suggest invest in real estate as it always goes up with time. Some people have indeed become millionaire just by merely investing in property and real estate.

Make your money work- Most people work for money but people with millionaire mindset make money work for them. Now you might think how can money work for me? Well the answer is simple people tend to spend most part of their earnings living hand to mouth each month. The best way to make your money work for you is by investing twenty five percent of whatever you make a month. There are several ways by which you can make twenty percent profit per annum on your investment if you do it wisely.

Listen to the best- If you think millionaires do not need advisors or guidance than you are strongly mistaken. Most millionaires have agents or brokers who advice them all the way regarding the market condition may it be in real estate, shares or any other business or trade. They take advice from the best to make proper decisions and strategies. Therefore it's very important to have connections with the right people who can help you earn millions.

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