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Monday, August 20, 2007

How to Succeed in Whatever Field You Choose

Success is a goal you undeniably want to strive for in life. As with everyone else, you would like a piece of the good life. You would want to rise above your capacities and drive yourself to the best you can possibly reach.

In life, there are so many ways to get to your dreams. You may want to consult Feng Shui experts. You may want to consult astrological charts. You may turn to God. You may turn to creative imagery to get what you want. However you would like to build your personal pillar of success, I believe that there are constants and absolutes. A good, solid foundation is a constant in building any sturdy edifice. Thus, it is essential that there be a strong foundation in the construction of your personal pillar of success.

Integrity, no matter what your religious beliefs are, is the bedrock of all transactions.

Why would you want to deal with things with integrity? Well, forming relationships is a must if you are in pursuit of success; and of course you would like to take good care of these relationships. Integrity builds trust, which is an essential relationship lubricant. One does not need studies to confirm that clients would go back to someone with whom they were able to deal with smoothly and stuck to his end of the deal. The currency of life is "Quid Pro Quo", or "give me as I would give you". So many business relationships have been severed because a party did not meet the end of the deal, or cheated the other of what was his due. As you sever more and more relationships through the lack of integrity, you will encourage the crumbling of your pillar of success.

It helps when you would go through life with a clear conscience and the knowledge that you have given your best to your client, or with whomever you have an interpersonal relationship. The lack of moral and emotional baggage frees you to be more productive, thus allowing you to build your pillar of success faster.

To cultivate integrity, start with the little things. Tell the truth in the most trivial of situations. Catch yourself when you are about to tell a white lie. Be transparent in all your transactions. Give change to your customers to the very last cent. As an adage says, "If you are faithful in little, you will be faithful in much." Such is true in cultivating everything, even integrity.

Quid Pro Quo. That is the currency of human relationships. Take care of your relationships. Fortify it with Integrity. You can never go wrong with being very honest towards everyone.

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