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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Change Your Way of Thinking - It Will Change Your Life!

By Teresa Tackett

Do you allow your internal negativity to inhibit your dreams? You know that you can sabotage your dreams of working at home without even realizing that you are doing it.

You dream of working from your home and earning a huge income. Over time, you search for every e-book, training manual and any other information you can possibly find or purchase to help build yourself a profitable and successful business that allows you to work from your home and earn a great income.

You converse with your sponsor, spend hour upon hour studying your training materials and e-books learning the best ways to promote your business, place some ads occasionally, and try to improve the search engine optimization of your website.

You still wonder, "Why is this not working? What am I not doing, or doing wrong?"

You see thousands of opportunities on the web every day, and hop from one opportunity to the next, thinking one of them must be the magic money-maker. You lose more money, and you are getting desperate.

Your internal negativity is in control, causing you to believe that you cannot succeed in your home business. It is ruining your confidence in yourself, your ability to have a successful business, and as a result, you don't make much money. You are making yourself believe that you cannot be successful.

If you let your negativity take control, others on your team, your sponsor, your downline, can all sense this. You cannot come across as a leader and a success if you don't let go of your negative attitude. If you don't take control of it, it will destroy your dreams and visions of being a successful work at home entrepreneur!

You must have faith and confidence in yourself to be successful at anything in life, whether it is parenting, your job, your talents, etc. If you let your negative inner instincts take over, you will be a failure in whatever you attempt to accomplish.

Try to think about your negative thoughts and actions, and overcome them. Don't let those negative thoughts take over! Be aware of what is going on, and change your way of thinking to "I CAN do this!". You won't believe the difference in all areas of your life, including your success in a work at home business, if you change your way of thinking into positive actions. Believe in yourself, think positive thoughts and others will see it too. This will have a great impact on the success in your life!

Put positive thoughts and energy into your work and your life. You will reap many rewards!

Tess Tackett
Work at Home Entrepreneur - Atkins AR
Entertainment, skin care and gift products, work at home resources
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