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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Secret Ingredients for Success - Part Three

This is a MEGA secret ingredient. Ananda and I have known about The Law of Attraction for many years but this secret ingredient only came into really clear focus recently. Not that we didn't use it successfully in many areas of our lives. There are many very successful people in a variety of walks of life that have used The Law of Attraction masterfully without knowing of its existence. In any case, we certainly used this secret ingredient but the clarity of its importance is now far more apparent to us.

That's why we call it a mega secret ingredient. We have the teachings of Neville Goddard to thank for this heightened awareness.

We said in previous articles that the subjective universe or Unified Field knows nothing about time - everything is now. When we plant an intention in its soil, to it, the intention is already a reality. Now, follow this closely...what is your real objective with any intention? We've also talked about the "essence feeling" we experience when we attain anything that we have intended, and it is that essence feeling we are really looking for when we intend something and not the manifestation of the intention itself.

If we can tap into the "timeless" aspect of the Unified Field and merge with its awareness of reality, we can experience the essence feeling the moment we declare our intention. Sound fantastic? Well, its not...because its all happening in the mind.

Any qualified hypnotist will tell you that a person can tell you things that he or she does not know or have any experience with under the influence of hypnosis. You may have witnessed this yourself. The Unified Field obeys everything we tell it to do and that same Unified Field knows everything that has ever occurred - everything. This means that if a hypnotized person is told they have certain skills or knowledge, that expertise is available to them now from the Unified Field by virtue of the fact that their mind is temporarily unblocked of the limitation that would ordinarily tell them they know nothing of the subject.

The same thing is true of the essence feeling we are seeking through the fulfillment of an intention...that essence feeling is there already in the Unified Filed. If we tap into the "now-ness" of the Unified Field, we can experience that essence feeling immediately. This is the meaning of, "Do not say, 'There are still four months and then comes the harvest'?

Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!" John 4:35.

More on this in the final article in this series.

By: Ananda and John McIntosh

John & Ananda McIntosh are authors and teachers of A Course in Miracles and The Law of Attraction. The couple has ten published books to date related to these subjects and over 40 years of experience applying the principles they teach. To find links to their writings, books and Podcasts go to their web site: or send an email to © copyright 2007 by John & Ananda McIntosh

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