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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Your Stamp Of Approval

Everything you have in your life right now is because of you! Your career, the relationship you've chosen (or not chosen) to be in, your current state of health - it's all materialized with your personal stamp of approval.

Think of yourself as CEO of a company called Y-O-U.

Of course, it can be tempting (and a whole lot easier) to pass the buck. "I had to take this job, because I need to make a living. I'm not in a relationship because I can't seem to meet the right person. I got sick because that was just God's plan for me..." Bottom line? It's all bunk. Junk. Stories you've been telling yourself over and over again, ad nauseam, so you've come to accept them as blind truth. (What stories have you been accepting in key areas of your own life? Upon further examination, are your stories actually true?)

Quantum physics has shown that nothing exists without it first being observed. So ultimately, it's your perception of what shows up for you which shapes your reality. Owning this is a huge responsibility, and frees up the necessary space to make meaningful shifts in your thinking. And remember, from an attraction perspective, how you think determines how you feel. When you feel good, that's when you'll begin to notice more desirable results showing up in you physical world.

So just for today, imagine you have an 'approval stamp' in your pocket. Pay attention to everything you observe. And keep in mind - for all of it - it's you who bangs that stamp down and says, "Yes, I authorize this." In giving up the convenience of blaming outside forces for your present situation(s), you regain the most priceless possession of all - and something many of us have lost along the way - your unlimited power as a human being!

Until next time...

With love,


Jeffrey T. Brownstein is a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC), specializing in Law of Attraction, and founder of Lifescaper Coaching LLC. He has Bachelor's degrees in English and Metaphysics, and is also a professional speaker, Certified Energy Healer, Holistic Health Consultant, Landmark Education graduate, and has been a Group Exercise Instructor for 13 years. Jeff resides with his wife Allison in North Carolina, and is working on a book about harnessing the power of Law of Attraction.

Contact information: Lifescaper Coaching LLC, 888-262-6999,

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