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Monday, November 5, 2007

Motivation for Success - Ignore Negative People

By Spencer Steele

Whenever you have a big idea or plan or anything that seems positive and optimistic - people are going to tell you why you're going to fail. They'll tell you you can't do it. They'll tell you It'll never work. I can't tell you how many times I've had a great idea spit on by people around me. Ignore them - you need to totally ignore negativity.

People will tell you this kind of stuff for a lot of reasons - It might be jealousy, it might be out of ignorance, it might be because of their own fears and insecurities or they may just have a negative or cynical perspective on everything in life. Either way - Ignore them!

If great people in history listented to the nay-sayers... nothing great would ever have been accomplished. This doesn't mean to be stupid - if someone is offering you good advice - it's okay to listen. You can take their viewpoints into consideration because there may be some good advice in there - don't assume you have all the answers. It's okay to change your plan around a little - but never let it stop you - NEVER!

Negativity is everywhere and it comes in disguises. It comes from people you love - your best friends - it comes with smiles. Learn to challenge people's comments in your own mind and if you realize they may be right - immediately think of alternatives instead of giving up. As a very basic (and a little bit ridiculous example) - If I have a massive ice making machine and I tell someone my idea to sell ice to Eskimos- and they tell me that it's a terrible idea - it'll never work. I don't think, "yeah - you're right" and quit. I think about where else and who else I can sell ice too. You can tailor your plan based on the advice but never, ever do let it stop you.

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