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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Key to Success - Success Only Comes Through Action

By Cheryl Clausen

Right action is the biggest key to success there is. Success doesn't happen without a plan and plans don't get completed without action. After you formulate your plan for what you want you need to determine the actions you will take to implement your plan.

How do you know if you're taking the right actions? This is the point in your plans where you may get stuck, where it may look like you're procrastinating because you aren't taking any action. When you put your plan for success together you not only want to verify with yourself that your plan will get you what you want, but that when you get what you want it will be in alignment with your values.

As you're thinking about your actions in conjunction with your plan for success make sure you're clear about your values. You know beyond a doubt when you're doing something or about to do something that is contrary to your values. You know it because as you think about doing it, or as you do it, you feel very uncomfortable. It isn't the kind of uncomfortable you feel when something is new, it's the kind of uncomfortable you feel when you or someone else breeches your values. It's the hard knot in your throat, or the sick feeling in your stomach, or maybe the hair standing up on the back of your neck. When you have an inner feeling telling you something is wrong, listen to yourself.

Actions that breech your values aren't right actions. If you allow yourself to breech your values the success you get won't be the success you want. So how do you avoid getting in this situation in the first place? Before you even put your plan together list your values, and then as you formulate your plan make sure your plan supports those values. Your values are your guideposts for right action and fulfilling success.

Right action is action that is aligned with your values and moves you closer to success. With a clear understanding of both your values and your plan you're armed to make good decisions and take right actions. Plan your actions based on those actions taking you closer to success and supporting your values. When your actions or the actions of those around you begin to breech your values go back to your list of values and your plan for success and identify where your plan has gotten out of alignment.

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