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Sunday, November 25, 2007

How To Beat Procrastination - Miss This Step And You'll Always Be A Slave To Procrastination

Procrastination effects every one of us. In fact it's one of the biggest obstacles to creating freely that there is. How often do you find yourself caught up in trivial tasks like rearranging your art supplies or cleaning things that don't need cleaning, or surfing the internet one more time for those perfect instructions on how to overcome creative block?

One of the reasons procrastination is so powerful and so destructive is because it's a master of deception and disguise.

Whenever you feel drawn to one of these tasks we just mentioned it's as if it's the most important thing on earth and your whole life will come to a standstill if you don't do it RIGHT NOW, that's procrastination at work.

Procrastination slips in like a ghost, hypnotises you into believing that checking your email again or washing your socks is the most urgent activity you can possible do, then disappears again just as discretely, it's work done... And you're left wondering how another hour has passed without you creating anything.

Another hour becomes another day, another week, another month, and you start to believe creating is virtually impossible and you're about as likely to finish your novel or painting or album as you are to fly to the moon on a paper aeroplane...

Sound familiar?

In all of this frustrating and demotivating cycle, there's one crucial step you're missing if you want to beat procrastination.

It's as step that, if you continue to overlook it, will mean you'll be a slave to those habits of procrastination that dominate your creative life forever.

So what is this vital first step, this amazing secret to overcoming procrastination?

Quite simply, admit you procrastinate.

Until you recognise and acknowledge that yes you do procrastinate and no it doesn't make you a terrible, weak person, you'll always procrastinate because it will always slide in unnoticed and do its damage.

This step is not about judging or criticising yourself. It's simply about saying: "Yes I do procrastinate. And yes these habits of procrastination prevent me from being the highly creative person I know deep down I can be. Now I'm ready to admit that, and ready to work towards overcoming procrastination and setting my creativity free..."

Then you're in an empowered and informed position.

Procrastination is suddenly thrust from the shadows, a big spotlight shone in it's face, it's hair ruffled as it's told "Ha! I'm on to you now, sunshine!" And it doesn't like it when you do that...

Take this essential first step today. Admit you procrastinate and with this new awareness you can then begin the next step to beating procrastination - recognising when and how you're most likely to procrastinate.

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From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin

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