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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seven Life-Changing Books

By Linda Lin

The Four Agreements - Miguel Ruiz

Years ago, I read this book. The great thing about this book is that you can read just the chapter names and that one step alone can have a profound effect on how you view the world and how you react to what the world dishes out to you. This book can make changes for the better in your life. The key here is that you must read this book with an open mind. Cast your negative thoughts away before you even open the pages to this book. Promise yourself that you will believe every word here in the book and with that promise that you make to yourself, you will begin to see good, positive, constructive changes in your personality, in your day and in your whole life. Reread the book once every six months or so to renew your strength and your decision to keep an open mind and follow the principles that are stated out in the book.

The Greatest Miracle in the World - Og Mandino

Again, I read this book so many years ago. Actually, I read most of the book. This is one book that I skimmed. But I reached the chapter in the book that would most affect my life. Inside the book there are a number of pages that are filled with something called, "The God Memorandum". This magnificent piece of writing is totally awesome. I cannot tell you what it says because this memorandum must be digested piece by piece, and you must hear the exact words of Og Mandino's writing to get the full benefit of it.

Serenity (A Companion to 12 Step Recovery) - Thomas Nelson

This book is a comfortable paperback that you can carry with you. The book has the New Testament and along with that , in different chapters, the twelve steps are featured and explained. This is one of the most unique 12-step books on the market and well worth looking into . Step Three has brought so many changes into the lives of people that the miracles are uncountable in this world. Believing in God, reaching out to God and knowing and remembering that God is always with us are things that affect humans in most positive ways.

The Word According to Mr. Rogers - Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers is awesome and so is his message to children and to adults. Here is a man that is truly a gentleman. He is no longer with us but his words stay with us through the books that carry his writings. This is one book that every child and every adult should have in their library. It just makes sense.

God Thinks You're Wonderful - Max Lucado

This book leaves me speechless because it is a solid reminder of God's love for me. If you ever need to buy a gift for someone who has everything, this book should be at the top of the list. The good thing about this book also is that there are cartoons on every single page. So this is a book for people who do not like to read and for readers alike.

2008 Writer's Market - Writer's Digest Books

This book is an interesting, complete compilation of agents, publishers, addresses, fax numbers, email addresses of all those people you need to contact to have your writing, your books, your poetry published. The book is large and sometimes as heavy as a small telephone book. And, of course, at times it could be considered expensive. Some of the books, the Deluxe Edition contain a special code number inside that enables the purchaser to go online and have a free year's subscription to If you have ever thought of writing, dreamed of writing or if you are serious about being published, you would and should purchase this book for yourself.

The Holy Bible - Thomas Nelson

I saved the best for last, of course. The Holy Bible has always been the most effective book when it comes to changing lives for the better. When one has faith, one has everything, even when one has nothing. Sounds contradictory? Yes, But that is all the truth. With the Bible in your hand or in your mind, you can accomplish things that you thought you could never accomplish. I remember when I was in the wilderness and I looked up at the huge mountain that we had to climb. (Yes, they called it rock-scaling but I saw a huge mountain in front of me). I froze in fear even though more than five people in front of me had climbed up quite successfully, and they made it look so easy too. But still, I froze in fear. Then I remembered my faith, I remembered what I had learned in the Bible so many years before. I remembered one of my favorite Bible verses, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me". Ah, I paused for one more moment, looked at the rock and begin climbing up to the top. With each step I said to myself, "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me". I said it over and over with each step that I took up the mountain. Seems I went up there quite quickly. Later on that day, someone said, "I looked up at Lin and she was flying"!

Yes, the Holy Bible can and is and will be a very life-changing book in your life, even if you just take one single verse and use that verse on a daily basis. So there is my list of the seven life-changing books. You should have them all in your own library.

The author of this article has had many works published in the USA. She has traveled extensively throughout the East Coast and through the South while observing people and writing about life and everything that is in it. She invites you to connect with her at her website. Contact her through ezine, or reach her through

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