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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Manhunt Written By Janet Evanovich

Manhunt is a very humorous story of a rich woman, Alexandra Scott, who makes an exchange of her lavish condominium in New York for a cabin and hardware store in the Alaska wilds. Was she crazy? Sometimes she wondered but since most of what she owed on her condo was still mortgaged, she thought this as an adventurous but satisfying transaction.

When she gets to Alaska, Bruno, her huge dog falls into the water at the docks, followed by Alexandra also falling into the water dressed in her New York finery, has her dog rescued by someone who's identity she has no idea of, then drives off in her sports car into the back wilds of Alaska.

Alexandria wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, enjoy quiet time, and maybe find a husband that would share her quiet life. She is quite taken back when she finds her cabin at the end of a rutted road that her car could not traverse. As she looks over her rustic cabin with its tin roof and very weather ravaged walls, she is unaware that someone is standing nearby looking at her and wondering what this woman was doing here near his cabin. It just so happened that this man, Michael Casey, was the same man that had rescued Bruno at the docks.

Casey and Bruno follow Alex into the cabin and Alex discovers that this cabin only has one room, a loft for sleeping, boarded up windows, and a mess that very much looked like no one had lived there for years. Casey's cabin was only one-quarter mile away from this mess of a cabin but Alex was determined she was going to stay in it and live her wilderness life. Since the inside was so bad, she decided to attempt to sleep in a small tent that first night. Between the bear and moose stories that Casey had told her and the noises she kept hearing, she didn't last long in the tent.

Eventually Alex got to see her hardware store and its strange clerk who lived in a back room of the store. It was filthy and had so little merchandise that a hardware store should have in stock that she started making plans for what she would do to this store and it's antiquated clerk.

Manhunt is filled with page after page of gut wrenching humor along with romantic adventures encountered by Alex in her wild wilderness. It is a fast but terrific read for anyone liking humor and deep woods romance. I have read many of Janet Evanovich's books and have enjoyed them but the humor makes Manhunt one of my favorites.

Reader review by Cy Hilterman.
Reviewer of many types of books.

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