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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

True Forgiveness Comes at a Price!

True Forgiveness comes at a price. It is quite costly in the human scheme of things. Because in many cases the human mind is addicted to pain and misery and the desire to return over and over to the same pain is habitual. Kind of like what the tongue does with the broken tooth. And the price of course is letting go! Letting go of grievance, hate and judgment of any kind, a daily practise that must be adhered to if moving beyond duality is at all possible for anyone here on planet earth

The dualistic mind sees a "them and me" scenario on all occasions, and hasn't moved to the level of being able to see them selves as the other or embrace the experience of oneness. And because this hasn't happened it is necessary to go back to the very basics of the awakening process and take responsibility for all that is seen as part of the projection of the construct of mind. This is what is known as taking responsibility for what is seen heard and felt. This is also the beginning of self inquiry or the ancient adage "Know Thyself"

So how do you forgive or let go of hatred, judgment and grievance. Well the first step is to decide that forgiveness is necessary and to understand that the reward is a peaceful mind. And that this is worth the effort that you must put into this "work". And what goes with this of course is knowing you can't do this alone. You are a child of The Universe, whole perfect and loved.

Then say to your self "I am immortal Spirit; this body is just an image. It has nothing to do with what I am in truth" When you look at someone else who you may want to judge as having wronged you in some way .Say to yourself, "I am Spirit whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released" Finding yourself not at peace with a particular person you might have had a past idea of hurt with. Picture the person in front of you during meditation and say a prayer "Since I am whole and perfect and remember who I am in truth, I forgive "both" of us for what has never really occurred. Now there is only innocence and we join together in this Love that permeates all that is. Forgiving does make the grievance disappear. Forgiveness has a vibration that is higher than the grievance and when forgiveness is activated it spreads out and uplifts as you remember your Universal connection. If at any time the mind returns to the grievance it is worth asking the question "What am I getting out of this pain"? And return quickly to the above ways to return to your true nature. You may find "The 7 Doors, Keys to Your Full Potential" a useful book full of good tips for awakening to enlightenment.

Margo Knox is a coach in "The Field of All Possibilities" her ebook. "The 7 Doors, Keys to Your Full Potential" is available at along with other written and audio resources for your success


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