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Friday, September 14, 2007

Healing Power of the Mind - How You Can Harness Your Healing Power of the Mind to Cure the Body

By Haans Ahron

Are you aware that your mind possesses the amazing power to heal and create happiness? Do you also know that when you use the extraordinary healing power of the mind together with a proper lifestyle, a positive attitude and consistent meditations; you can cure your mental, emotional and even physical problems?

How does your mind and body connect together?

When you have an emotion, it generates into a feeling that converts into a physical sensation. For instance, when you are watching a scary movie, you feel terrified and get a chill racing up your spine.

The example above shows that you were getting a negative suggestion through your eyes and ears, which produced the emotion of fear and converted into the physical sensation of the chills. On the same note, you can use visualization techniques that make use of positive images to create positive emotions. These positive feelings will then trigger a positive physical sensation in your body.

Can what you think actually produce an effect on your body?

Your body reacts to the thoughts that you create. Your psychological and emotional state will affect the endocrine system. For instance, the feeling of fear is closely related to adrenaline. If you do not feel fear, then there will not be adrenaline and vice versa. Wherever your thought goes, there will always be a body chemical reaction.

Positive thinking is necessary to produce positive gains and boost your immune system. On the other side of the scale, negative thoughts and emotions will lower the immune system.

Every one of us has the healing power of the mind and is able to cure ourselves. You can easily ignite this healing ability with positive thinking, inspiring images and sounds, positive perceptions and the realization of openness. There are a lot of books and guides that can point you to awaken the healing power of your mind and you should be aware of the simple techniques involved to harness this natural ability.

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