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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

7 Principles of Freelance Writing

By Jitesh Arora

These are the days when more and more people are lured into the career of freelancing. Flexible working hours, being your own boss, saving the time earlier taken for travelling etc attract many towards choosing freelancing as a career option. In most cases people are interested in making fast money, which is prompting them to take up freelancing. But you should understand that it is also a business and as such certain business principles can be applied to make it a successful venture.

  • Allow time to get off the ground :- Like any business, freelance writing career takes time to get established. Of course, i9nternet writing market has made it easier to freelance. But it takes time to build up a large client base, to identify your strengths as a writer and get established.
  • Time is money:- The money you earn in freelancing depends on your experience, efficiency in sales and marketing and other factors. In the initial stages of your writing career you have to spend much time in honing your skills and establishing networks, that is a strong client base. You have to decide judiciously how to spend time and shoot for rates accordingly.
  • Loyal customers :- It is important to have loyal customers for a successful freelancing career. One loyal client is always better than a dozen one shot buyers. Once you are able to give hundred percent satisfaction to a customer there is the possibility of retaining him for ever. There is every possibility that whenever they have work, they will contact you first. If you have a dozen such clients you are heading towards the path of a secured future.
  • Crush competition creatively :- Competition is there in every field. In order to crush competition there is no need to lower the charges as a novice. Rather it would be better to add value to the product by giving something unique. It can be providing some extra information or anything that will make you stand apart from the crowd.
  • Provide quality work :- Quality work comes with good writing skills. In fact it is a learned art, which has to be constantly improved upon. Whichever level you reach, always remember that there would be still scope for improvement.
  • Perseverance :- Many small business end with in six months of their opening. Tenacity is needed to guarantee success in freelancing. If you quit soon, you will be a loser.
  • Marketing skills :- Better marketing skill are needed along with writing skill to be successful in freelancing. Creating website is the most appropriate strategy in the present scenario.

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5 Cool Ways Teens Make Money Online

By Kevin Ihrig

The ideas below all work for teens to make money online, most without having your own website. Several companies have set up revenue sharing lately, and you can benefit. Without ever learning Java, HTML, or Flash, you can set up your own little kingdom or queendom of money earning sites.

Take a look at these:


This is a paid research site, where a student can post a question with a bounty, then you can answer and win the bounty. Do you have a cool hobby? Read a bunch of books on one subject? Maybe you work in your parents' business. You can earn money from this site. Everybody knows about something.


You fill out surveys that pay or offer free goodies. In case you think this won't work well, think about this. Companies pay people to try their stuff, to comment on it, and to give the company their opinion. You could be one of those people, getting paid for your opinion. You only have to be a teen, 13 or over, to do it. Pretty sweet, right?


Works similar to #2, but some like it better. Either way, you make money for college. Teens are fine here, too, 13 years of age and up. Get your parents' permission if you are between 13 and 18, and earn money online.


Lets you build a lens (to focus on a topic) for free, then you can add in affiliate links, adsense and so on to earn some money from it. The key here: think broad, and update often. has an approach similar to Squidoo, but offers a one-time payment for doing serious work on a page. You have to meet their guidelines, but then you get $25 for building a resource page.

5. Build your own Website

When you do it right, you can build a great website, even if you have no programming or web design skills. Seriously, you can make money in a ton of ways, too. And if you build your own site, you can keep it forever. Be careful what host you pick - find one with a great block builder and the right formula for success.

I'll throw in an extra: be an affiliate.

This works best if you have a site or on Squidoo - like I said above, but you can also use your Myspace or Facebook page, too. You earn with this by first affiliating with an online seller. They can sell anything, you just need to be their affiliate.

Then, you tell people about it. Careful - you don't want to spam yourself off of Myspace or Twitter. But you can help people find answers and refer them to the company you represent. Just do a little search for affiliate programs on a search engine, you'll be swamped with good offers. Many teens have already made money online with this method.

Better yet, pick a product, and then add affiliate program to it, then search.

You can find tons more ways for that teens make money online if you look. It only takes effort. You can do it!

Get started!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Where to Find Freelance Writer Jobs

By David Fraser

Freelance writer jobs are all over the Internet. Although there are a wide variety of jobs available online, it isn't always easy to locate the right one for you. There are many different places that you can look in order to locate a freelance job that best suits your skill set.

Online Job Boards

Job boards are a great place to locate freelance writer jobs. There are major job boards that everyone is aware of, which focus on every type of job out there. In addition, there are also smaller job boards available that focus only on writing jobs. These boards are generally free to join, and can be a great resource for those looking for steady online work.

Bidding Sites

There are bidding sites online for freelance writer jobs that allow you to place bids against other writers for client's orders. These sites are a great resource for writers, as the company does all of the work of driving in potential employers. All you have to do is create an account and bid for a job. These sites do charge either a monthly fee or take a percentage of your profits, but there is a lot of money to be made there if you play your cards right.

Direct Marketing

One of the best ways to find online freelance writer jobs is to market your services directly to companies. You can choose to contact larger websites that offer businesses writing services, or you can choose a website that is based on a topic you are familiar with and market directly to them too.

The benefit of marketing directly to websites without a middle man is that you get to keep all of the profits for yourself, and you have no one constantly looking over your shoulder. However, working through a middle man can provide the promise of more steady work. If you choose to market your own work to websites, then you need to be sure to have a writing website of your own or at the very least a resume and some samples.

More people are turning to the Internet to find work now that economic hard times have hit. Luckily there are a wide variety of freelance writer jobs available online if you search around and know where to look. If you write good quality content and look in the proper places, then you should not have any trouble finding work as a writer online.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can Anyone Become a Freelance Photographer?

By Michael J Kryzer

Anyone can become a freelance photographer. But you will need to have a good digital camera, the skills to take very good photographs, and a strong determination to work hard in order to build up a successful freelance photography business.

If you decide to work as a freelance digital photographer you will get to be your own boss and will spend your time taking and selling digital photos - both online and offline. Sometimes you might work on assignment for large organizations or even for popular magazines. You might even get some all expenses paid trips. Freelance photography is certainly never a boring career choice.

If you don't already have good photography skills then you can still acquire the knowledge and skills required to be a good photographer.

You will probably need to read some good photography books, or study further at web sites that cover professional photography techniques. And you should consider taking a photography class in your local area. Many community colleges offer digital photography courses at very reasonable rates.

Don't forget that nothing is better for improving your photography than actually getting out there, taking some photos, experimenting with different camera and composition techniques, and gaining valuable experience shooting behind the camera lens.

These days, thanks to the World Wide Web, there are so many freelance digital photography opportunities that are predominantly digital and online. You can take your pictures with a digital camera and then upload your photos directly to the Internet where you can sell them!

To find out more about how to sell your photos visit CameraCareer. We have a great Freelance Photography FAQ and you can learn exactly how to get started as a freelance photographer.


Freelance Writers - Claim High Rewards For Precious Little Effort

By Avril Harper

Writers specialising in fillers and readers' letters receive much high fees, word for word, than virtually any other writing genre. Fillers are small pieces, often just 100 words or so, and they can generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars in writing awards or for what editors pick as the week's best letter or filler. But writers have to be constantly on the lookout for unusual subjects for their fillers and they must always be hot on market research. These tips will help grow your income from filler writing:

* Keep your eyes and ears open for anything remotely interesting to use in your letters and fillers. Look for unusual household tips, try your hand at writing poems, look for press errors and other popular filler types.

* Study other published fillers, especially those in magazines you'd like to write for. You can't, of course, copy other people's work but there is no copyright on ideas, so what you see in one magazine can be borrowed to form the basis of a filler you write for another. Other things to watch out for include recipes, jokes you can change a little, recipes you might alter slightly, crossword and puzzle grids you can adapt to use in your work.

* Study at least a dozen or so publications of the type you would like to write for. Rank these in order of preference, according to filler types, payment, subject matter. Start writing and submitting material for those highest on your list.

* Think pictures. Think illustrations. Instead of sending just words to your target publication, include a photograph, maybe a cartoon or line drawing. As always, careful study of your target magazine will establish editorial preferences.

* Search your own experiences for material ready to be written up as it stands or amended to suit.

* Always have a notepad and pen at hand, and preferably a pocket camera and mini recorder. It's amazing where inspiration and ideas strike and how often there is nothing handy to record the incident. My best ideas come when I'm in the bath, ironing, gardening, or walking the dog! Those notepads pinned to every wall and popped into my handbag have repaid their cost many times over!

Once that's done you can look forward to regular high rewards for just a few minutes' easy work.

Avril Harper is a highly successful freelance writer and the author of HOW TO BE A FIVE MINUTE WRITER