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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Revelations of Heaven and Hell to 7 Youths (excerpt)

(1st Testimony, Esau)
We were in the room, when we had the first experience.  The room started to fill again with a light from the presence of the Lord.  It was so powerful that it lit up the entire room.  The room was full of His glory, it was beautiful to be before Him. 
Jesus told us, "My sons, now I will show you My Kingdom, we will go to my Glory."  We took each others hands and were lifted up.  I looked down and noticed that we were going out of our own bodies.  As we left our bodies we were dressed with white robes and started to go up at a very high speed. ...
(5th Testimony)
.... We also came to a place where many many angels were.  Although in Heaven we could see many different types of angels, this place had just one special type.  We saw that Jesus, has a specific angel for each person.  He also showed us that this angel will be close to us during our entire existence.  He introduced us to the angels assigned to us.  We got to see their characteristics, but God told us that we are not allowed to reveal these things to others.  We read in Psalms 91:11, "For He gives His angels orders regarding you, to protect you wherever you go."
We came to a place with many lockers, within them were many different flowers.  Some flowers were open, beautiful and radiant.  But other were kind of droopy, and some others ones were even shriveled.  We asked Jesus what the meaning of all those flowers were?  He answered, "It is because the life of each of you is like one of these flowers." He took one of the radiant flowers and said, "This flower shows the condition of the communion that you have with Me."  He left that flower and took another one that was down.  He said, "Look, this person is down because they are having a trial, or a difficulty.  There is something in this life that is interrupting the communion with Me.  Do you know what I do with these flowers when they are down in order to make them brilliant and healthy again?" He then took the flower in His hand and said, "I shed my tears over them and I raise them up."  We saw how in a powerful way this flower began to have life again and raise up and its colors began to appear again.
Then He took one of the shriveled flowers and He threw it into the fire and said, "Look, this person had known me and walked away from Me.  Now he dies without me and it is thrown to the fire." (John 15:5-6)...