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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internet Data Entry Jobs - Employee Or Freelancer?

One of the fastest growing work at home opportunities is the field of Internet data entry jobs. With more and more companies looking for people to handle their advertising, rebates, customer information, and more, it's easy to earn a decent - and often times more then decent - income without leaving your house. But there is one thing you should know before getting started, and that's the different types of relationship you can have with your employer.

While many of the positions available are more or less the same, there are two very different ways of approaching them. One is as an employee, and the other is as a freelancer. While both have high earning potential, you will want to know a little bit about what they are, how they work, and who is looking for whom before you start searching for companies to hire you.

An employee works for a single company, perhaps two, either full or part time. They are paid by the hour and given daily or weekly quotas that they are required to fill. The benefits of working as an employee are a steady paycheck, reliable work, and the ability to move up to higher paying positions as a supervisor or manager over time.

A freelancer is someone who will take on small projects on a temporary or long term basis with a client, but work for themselves. They usually work for a great number of people at any given time, and are paid an amount per project, or by the batches they complete as part of their overall contract. The benefits of working as a freelancer are the possibilities of higher earning potential with a higher volume of contracts, and owning their own business.

Whatever option you choose will be based on your personality, time constraints, and whether or not you feel more comfortable working with others, or on your own. But whatever you decide, Internet data entry jobs are a great way to earn income from home.

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Bidding and Winning Projects as a Freelancer

When you're a freelancer, you cannot escape the task of bidding for projects and hoping to win the projects. Losing out more times than you'd actually care to admit, understand that it's part and parcel of being a freelancer. You're pitched against many other people who are cheaper (not necessarily better) and who are willing to go really low to do McDonald's rate work for reasonable quality stuff. Most of the freelancers bidding for projects are either fresh graduates who are trying to make a quick buck or students earning some pocket money or building their portfolio.

As a professional freelancer, it's unfair to be pitched against these people because they don't really MAKE A LIVING out of freelancing. There are millions and millions of other freelance graphic designers and copywriters I am pitching against every single day and sometimes I find myself cursing at them for offering such low prices! Unbelievable. They're really spoiling the market.

Should you lower your price and integrity just to win the bid for the project?

Some freelancers succumb to the need to win projects after they bid on it. Hawking over a less than worthwhile project is a complete waste of time. What freelancers should do is to simply keep their integrity. If you've established yourself in the market, have a relatively large (and impressive portfolio) and think you deserve to be paid whatever you think you should be paid, why lower yourself?

Keep your head up high and dictate the price. Lowering it means that you're somewhat desperate for business – and that's not the kind of message you want to convey to your potential customers. Being desperate mean that you're not doing business and one of the many reasons why you're looking for business is because….perhaps…you're not as good as you think you are?

No way! If you think you're good enough to charge whatever you want to charge, don't bend lower that you're willing to.

But of course, even after winning a bid or not bidding at all, you should still keep the door open for reasonable haggling of price

In business, there's always some haggling involved. Therefore, make it a point to quote a price right about 5% higher than what you would normally charge others. If the client/customer negotiates for a lower price, bring it down by 5% and you'll get whatever you thought you deserved to start with.

What if the client wants you to bring the price even lower?

It depends on the client and your relationship with the client. As a freelancer, we are dependant on a virtual relationship we have built with our clients. They are merely faceless people you're working for and trust is very, very, very important. If you feel that you can trust the client and knows that he/she will be giving you business many years down the road, by way of showing your appreciation for their business, lower down your price. But if this is what you're doing, make sure you point out the fact that the price is exclusive and you don't charge everyone else the same price.

Not only will this make the client feel special but he/she will recommend other people your freelancing services. And if they do, they will also make a special note not to mention the pricing.

Happy freelancing!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Jobs Available For Teens - Top Jobs For Teens to Earn Good Handsome Money As Well As Learn

By Sani Orman

There are lots of jobs available for teens. They can easily earn some extra cash during their summer breaks now. The availability of part time jobs for teens is increasing with each passing day. They are no more boring as you can enjoy while doing these works and get highly paid for their efforts. Most teenagers are becoming rich while they are working and also enjoy like adults.

They are making down payments for cars, buying gifts for their girlfriends or boyfriends and even they are helping their family financially. This may sound little weird but the importance of kids is certainly growing fast. Most teens are playing with money with loads of disposal income in hand through these summer jobs. They don't have to depend upon their family for their pocket money. Their life is becoming more independent as well as they are also learning some wealth management tips that are certainly the need of an hour.

Top Jobs For Teens To Earn Good Handsome Money As Well As Learn

- Advertising jobs : Most ad agencies need fresh ideas, so they appoint kids as summer trainees. These summer jobs are full of learning experience. You need to do surveys on a brand that will improve a company's marketing campaign.

- Cheerleaders : If you are a great sport fan than you can watch matches free by cheer leading your favorite team. It can be fun while you make some decent cash from this type of summer jobs.

- Online jobs : Nowadays with advent of Internet culture, there are works available for teens where they can earn handsome money by filling survey forms over the net.

- Flower Selling : Part time jobs for teens like flower selling can be a suitable option for earning some extra cash.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Become a Teenage Entrepreneur?

There are many compelling reasons why someone should become a business person or entrepreneur before they finish school, or in there teenage years. More so today as we watch tens of thousands per month lose their jobs in the worst recession since the 1930's. This testifies to the fact that there is no security anymore in just having a job, or even the noble notion of having a career path within an industry or an organisation. This is not saying that this is an unworthy path just that it is not secure anymore. To verify this we have all seen massive stalwart company's that have been household names for many years, just keel over and collapse with the loss of all the jobs that they provided. You know many of these.

So it would be a useful time to promote financial and occupational independence through setting up and having your own business. And there is no better person to promote this too than today's teenagers. The following will detail 3 reasons why teenagers today should be looking at getting into business and decide to become a successful teenage entrepreneur.

The first reason is there is no better time. While most organisations are shoring up their business models and battening hatches, many opportunities exist for competitors to enter their markets. Surprisingly some industries grow during recession, and a prime example is cosmetics. So if you you're looking for an opportunity try getting into cosmetics. It would be useful to even just market somebody else products, and start of locally, even amongst friends. But you will find willing women keen to buy anything to make themselves feel good while they are watching all the other pennies they are spending.

Another excellent industry that is bustling at present is the internet industry. Understanding that the internet has become as much about information as about anything else, people all over the world are scrambling to get answers to their woes, whether it is health, wealth, or just making money from the internet. There is insatiable demand for info products across this dynamic, as well as traditional items that people buy and sell. If you do not believe me check out all the auction sites and see what is happening. This is a growth market - even during a recession!

And so here is the second reason. Teenagers today have grown up with the internet. In most cases they are more internet savvy than their parents, and know where to source items, data, and contacts better than anyone in the 20 year history of the internet. It is second nature to them, so the progression to a useful online commercial activity is relatively small. And what does it cost to do something on the internet. Virtually nothing - there are no premises to worry about, no staff to learn how to manage, and no financial funding to deal with - at least of any consequence.

The third reason is the personal development that starting and running your own business provides. Especially if it become profitable in a short space of time. This is an extra dimension that they can accommodate early in life just as if they are working a job for extra money. Instead they are leveraging their time more effectively, getting their own resources to produce for them and create the flexibility we know they all need as they approach or engage in tertiary education. Understand what this does for their outlook on life and their belief systems. You will witness growth occurring before your eyes.

So here are 3 very important reasons for teenagers to start in business for themselves now. I can not encourage this more. If you are wondering about this today I recommend that you get started today as there is no better time for a teenager to start his or her own business.

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Stuart G Harris