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Monday, February 9, 2009

Work From Home Career As a Freelancer to Make Money

By Alan Lim

One of the best ways to earn income for work from home career is to contract to do freelance work from your home office. Freelance writing or other freelance work can take many forms, depending upon your experience and training. You can certainly structure the freelance work to emphasize the work you enjoy the most and minimize the work you dislike. Freelance work may be contracted that requires almost no investment. It allows you to work at your own pace and for a fee that will meet your needs. These are just two of the benefits of doing freelance work.

Finding a site

There are several top quality sites where you can post freelance jobs or where you can bid on jobs that fall within your experience and training. The types of jobs are stated on the site and the bidder specifies how much of the work requirements will be completed, the time frame in which it will be completed and the cost for doing the job. The buyer then can choose the bidder that is preferred and the deal is then finalized. The buyer and the service provider both benefit with work from home jobs.

Article Directories

Many buyers contract with service providers to write articles that will be placed in article directories. These directories provide valuable information on a variety of subjects. Since they contain information about URL or web site of the author, articles placed in directories are an easy way to beef up your page ranking through search engine optimization. Linking these articles to the web site brings traffic to the referenced site. Completing the articles that will be placed in the directories is a great way to break into work from home career freelance activities. If you can write informative articles in a fresh and lively way, this type of home based work will be ideal for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Another way to take advantage of the work from home career opportunities of freelance work is to do search engine optimization for web sites. This can be done by planning and implementing techniques on the web site directly, such as in the way the site is designed and implemented. It can also done by adding content through articles written with rich keyword presence. Keywords are an important part of search engine optimization and are often part of the contract work to be found on freelance project sites.

Article Content

Freelance work at home career might also consist of writing articles directly to be added to a particular web site. This process is also a part of search engine optimization, because informative articles written in a fresh and engaging style will attract traffic from the search engine results page and will keep visitors at the site because they are reviewing the information. The articles should be prepared on a subject that relates to the web site content in order to appeal to the niche audience. Such articles are often posted as projects on freelance sites. Home workers can bid on these projects.

Freelance work is just one of the great Work from Home opportunities that are displayed at Look for information about resources you can use when you make your home office your only office.

Top 5 Tips to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

By Jitesh Arora

The financial melt down has taken its toll on the career dreams of many. Pay cuts and termination of jobs have become the order of the day. At this juncture Freelance writing can be opted as an exciting opportunity by people with excellent writing skills. The advantages of Freelancing are wide and varied. The most important advantage is that it allows you to enjoy a diversity of assignments, which is impossible with normal jobs. Also, once established you can earn even more income than regular jobs. Here working hours are flexible and the only factor to be considered is that dead lines have to be met.

You have to go through some pre requisites to become a successful freelancer. Let us consider some of them.

  • Flair for writing:- This is the prime requirement of a freelancer. Only a person who has got excellent writing skills can become successful as a freelancer. Without love of writing you can not continue the work in an efficient manner.

  • Self motivation:- A freelancer does not have a boss to supervise his work. Hence it becomes indispensable to be self motivated and organised to handle the work pressure. Personal life should not be allowed to interfere with writing hours.

  • Rhythm:- Freelance writing should not be considered as a burden by trying too hard. Rather a momentum and natural rhythm have to be built up. Once the rhythm and momentum are achieved you should not get distracted before meeting the target.

  • Occasional breaks:- It is always better to take breaks occasionally to get refreshed and revitalized. Continuous writing will take a toll on creativity. New ideas and added vigour would be there once you resume work after the break.

  • Customer satisfaction:- Customer is the king in any business. Here also the freelancer should pay utmost care in making the customers happy and satisfied. Meeting dead lines, giving the customers what they want exactly, constantly improving writing skills etc are means to make customers happy.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Freelance Writing For Absolute Beginners - How To Get Started As A Freelancer; Part One

You're an aspiring writer. You have some writing skill and talent, and want to develop a writing career. Congratulations! I've been writing for money since the 1970s, and 2006 is a wonderful year to be a writer. You've truly got unlimited options and ways to make money writing.

In Part One of this article, I'll cover the fundamentals of freelance writing. Few writers give these fundamentals much consideration, and that leads to unnecessary hiccups in their writing career. Other writers breeze along quite happily, then suddenly smash up against one of the fundamentals, and because they're blissfully unaware, they proceed to destroy their career.

If you understand the fundamentals, these fundamentals form a basis for creativity, money, and confidence, because you will KNOW how freelance writing works, and you will understand how and why you get paid, and how to set your rates.

Next week, I'll cover "modelling" which is an easy way write as a freelancer. When you learn how to model, you'll be able to write anything, for anybody.

When You Write For Money, People Make Money From Your Words

Freelance writing is writing for money. And, when you write for money, your buyer makes money from your words. A book publisher publishes your book, and makes money from the book's sales. A magazine editor buys an article, and makes money from the advertising in the magazine. A creative director at an advertising agency hires you to write the copy for a brochure, and gets paid by the client, who uses the brochure to make sales and build his business.

The More Money Other People Make, The More You Make

The second fundamental is "the more other people make from your words, the more you make". (You'll need to negotiate for the higher pay, however.)

As a freelancer, you will soon learn that some markets are not markets for you, because they can't afford to pay you. You won't get upset that some magazines don't pay except in copies, and some business owners expect writers to write for $5 an article. You will understand that these people are not making a lot of money, so they can't afford you. This is not a problem, because there's no point in putting lipstick on a pig. You need to go where the money is, not where it isn't.

Money-Potential Check - Do It First

Therefore, before you consider writing for a venue, check to see where THEIR funding is coming from, because if they're not making money, neither will you. If you don't know, ask on a writer's forum. When you're writing for a magazine, for example, check the circulation, and the advertisers in the magazine. If it's a national magazine with a large circulation (over a million copies) and international companies advertise in the magazine, they should pay well.

If you're writing for your local newspaper, check the circulation figures, and the number and size of advertisements. Find out how much the newspaper charges for a half-page display ad. If the newspaper is making money from advertising, they can afford to pay you.

As a quick rule of thumb: if there are advertisements, the publisher can afford to pay writers. This applies to print media, and online - any Web site with advertising can and should pay their writers.

Follow The Money - Consider The Money FIRST

If you remember that "writing for money equals other people making money from your words", this will guide you in choosing markets to write for. For the first few years of my freelance career (admittedly this was the 1980s, long before the Web existed), I didn't make this connection. This meant that I signed contracts that weren't in my best interest.

If you remember this simple point, it puts you in a strong position. You can now assess markets so you know whether a publication is worth spending time on, and you can also negotiate from a strong position. For example, if a publication offers you a $50 all-rights deal, and you see advertisements from airlines and high-end clothing companies in the magazine, you can feel quite secure asking for $500 for First North American Serial Rights (FNSR) only. You may not get it, but you WILL get four and five times the original offer.

Negotiate: Get Assertive

Your ability to negotiate is a vital freelancing skill. If you're shy about negotiating, don't be. Editors expect you to haggle. The first offer you get is only a first offer. "Standard pay rate" is so much nonsense - I'll repeat what I just said, you're EXPECTED to haggle. Professional writers negotiate; new writers slave for low pay until they have a light-bulb moment, and then they negotiate.

So haggle. Always. Essentially haggling is just asking for more. When you start haggling with editors, you may feel like Oliver Twist, with a begging bowl and a "please, Sir", attitude. However, the more you do it, the more fun it will be. After a few years, you'll enjoy haggling.

So there you have it - the absolute fundamentals of freelance writing. You now know how to get started - how to find markets which will PAY you, and that you must NEGOTIATE a higher rate to get paid well. You can now write and sell with confidence.

Angela Booth is a veteran freelance writer and copywriter. She also teaches writing. Visit her blogs - Angela Booth's Writing Blog at and Fab Freelance Writing at for daily writing inspiration and motivation. Subscribe to the Fab Freelance Writing Ezine at to receive "Write And Sell Your Writing: The Power-Write Report" free. It's 21 pages packed with information to help you to develop a six-figure writing career.