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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 Cool Ways Teens Make Money Online

By Kevin Ihrig

The ideas below all work for teens to make money online, most without having your own website. Several companies have set up revenue sharing lately, and you can benefit. Without ever learning Java, HTML, or Flash, you can set up your own little kingdom or queendom of money earning sites.

Take a look at these:


This is a paid research site, where a student can post a question with a bounty, then you can answer and win the bounty. Do you have a cool hobby? Read a bunch of books on one subject? Maybe you work in your parents' business. You can earn money from this site. Everybody knows about something.


You fill out surveys that pay or offer free goodies. In case you think this won't work well, think about this. Companies pay people to try their stuff, to comment on it, and to give the company their opinion. You could be one of those people, getting paid for your opinion. You only have to be a teen, 13 or over, to do it. Pretty sweet, right?


Works similar to #2, but some like it better. Either way, you make money for college. Teens are fine here, too, 13 years of age and up. Get your parents' permission if you are between 13 and 18, and earn money online.


Lets you build a lens (to focus on a topic) for free, then you can add in affiliate links, adsense and so on to earn some money from it. The key here: think broad, and update often. has an approach similar to Squidoo, but offers a one-time payment for doing serious work on a page. You have to meet their guidelines, but then you get $25 for building a resource page.

5. Build your own Website

When you do it right, you can build a great website, even if you have no programming or web design skills. Seriously, you can make money in a ton of ways, too. And if you build your own site, you can keep it forever. Be careful what host you pick - find one with a great block builder and the right formula for success.

I'll throw in an extra: be an affiliate.

This works best if you have a site or on Squidoo - like I said above, but you can also use your Myspace or Facebook page, too. You earn with this by first affiliating with an online seller. They can sell anything, you just need to be their affiliate.

Then, you tell people about it. Careful - you don't want to spam yourself off of Myspace or Twitter. But you can help people find answers and refer them to the company you represent. Just do a little search for affiliate programs on a search engine, you'll be swamped with good offers. Many teens have already made money online with this method.

Better yet, pick a product, and then add affiliate program to it, then search.

You can find tons more ways for that teens make money online if you look. It only takes effort. You can do it!

Get started!

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