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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

True Freedom Only Comes With Taking Personal Responsibility

By Nick Arrizza, M.D.

In "Handbook For A New Paradigm" channeled by George Green and which can be downloaded for free by gooling it.

The point is made that: "there is no freedom without taking personal responsibility".

What does this mean and what does it pertain to?

Well it has consequences not only for each individual but also for the entire planetary experience we are currently living.

If you look around you I think you will readily see that the situation on planet Earth is rapidly deteriorating. So who or what is responsible for this situation?

Yes, I know you may "think" that there are "forces" that are larger than yourself and that you have no hope of ever influencing that are taking you and everyone else on an unwilling journey to destruction.

I ask you however to look at the basic assumption built into those beliefs i.e. "I am small and powerless".

Now how does that make you feel?

Well if you look at your experience of the effect of that belief you will feel the following: weak, afraid, helpless, alone, anxious, vulnerable, frightened, sad, hopeless, depressed, drained, heaviness and so on.

So what does all of that amount to? Well it amounts to the experience of having declared yourself a "Victim"!

A victim is someone who has essentially sold out their "power" and consequently themselves.

Dose that make you feel good? I doubt it.

So now we come back to the issue of freedom and responsibility.

Freedom, by definition, implies just that, the freedom "to be" and to live your life as you desire it. That is the antithesis of slavery and victim hood.

So how does one achieve this? Well one must recognize where the "bars" of the prison are first.

Here is one of them; now watch closely: "I am a small, powerless and helpless individual"!

I hope you caught that. If not here it is again: "I am a small, powerless and helpless individual"!

Yes! You see the prison is one that is "embedded" right within your mind as negative programming which you, yes you, have allowed to be foisted upon you. In other words you gave your consent to allow such disempowering thoughts/beliefs to exist right within your mind/body.

So why on earth would you allow such a thing to happen given the negative and toxic effects it is having on you?

Well probably because you "bought into the lie" that such beliefs would relieve you of responsibility for having to do anything to change your personal and our collective situation thereby "supposedly" taking the "load off" you and giving you a sense of relief. Correct?

So how relieved do you feel as you recall that this has led you into the prison of victim hood you and we find ourselves in?


So how does one rectify this situation?

Well, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you visit Mr. Green's web site, download his book and read it. It will be, in my view the first powerful step you have taken in your entire life to help rectify your and our collective situations here.


Nick Arrizza is trained in Chemical Engineering, Business Management & Leadership, Medicine and Psychiatry. He is former medical doctor & psychiatrist Key Note Speaker, Stress Management Coach, Peak Performance Coach & Energy Medicine Researcher, Specializes in Life and Executive Performance Coaching, is the Developer of a powerful new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) that helps build physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being by helping to permanently release negative beliefs, emotions, perceptions and memories. He holds live workshops, international telephone coaching sessions and international teleconference workshops on Physical. Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well Being.


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