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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Healthy Self Esteem Allows You The Pleasure Of Enjoying Success

If you remember anything from this article, please remember this: Healthy self-esteem allows you the pleasure of enjoying and appreciating success.

You can acquire years of education, accumulate wealth, win prestigious awards, be blessed with the most loving relationships and still self-sabotage. Outside barometers of success and happiness won't satisfy you unless and until you like and approve of yourself.

Unhealthy self-esteem sabotages education, wealth, awards and relationships. You'll only achieve what your healthy or unhealthy self-esteem allows you to achieve.

Healthy self-esteem is the backbone of your success. Your self-esteem determines the level of success in both your personal and professional life.

Healthy self-esteem is not an automatic in life. It comes from how you are judging yourself as competent in the important areas of your life. Current self-esteem is based on what you're holding out to be important in your life today.

When working toward your goals, healthy self-esteem allows you to strive for greater success by:

* Giving you more energy and enthusiasm

* Accepting constructive suggestions with an open mind

* Controlling emotions to come from a stronger place of empowerment

* Allowing you to choose how you're going to achieve your goals

* Being a more accepting person

* Knowing who you are and what you want in life

* Having more self-confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed

Why are all those attributes important?

Let me share a story I remember reading a few years ago.

A few years back, during a figure skating championship, a highly ranked skater took a nasty fall at the every end of her original program. The crowd reacted negatively and she quickly became embarrassed, discouraged and disheartened.

Her coach was alarmed by her negativity and took her to a sports psychologist for a battery of tests. After several psychological exams it was reported to the media that each exam showed she was suffering from poor self-esteem.

During the second round of the competition, this magnificently talented skater lost her flair for the dramatic. She refused to try anything too risky and settled for safe. It was amazing how one fall changed the perception she had of her ability as a champion.

She ended up finishing far below her expectations, natural abilities and talents despite many flawless performances in the past.

A retired champion made an interesting observation. He said that if you want to be a champion, you can't allow outside negative forces to influence the mental picture you have of yourself.

He went on to say that this highly talented skater not only allowed the reaction of the crowd to affect her skating performance but, more importantly, she turned out to be her own worst enemy.

Food for thought: No opinion of you is more important than your own.

What's the internal picture you have of your ability to succeed and thrive? I'll say it again; healthy self-esteem allows you the pleasure of enjoying and appreciating success!

Sharon A. Michaels is an e-mentor to women who want to work for themselves. Sharon has over 20 years of business, speaking and writing experience on issues of ending self-sabotage, living in abundance and wealth and making money in network marketing. Sharon offers books, webinars and tele-conferences on how to give yourself the power to succeed.

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