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Friday, December 14, 2007

You Can Make a Difference

"Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around." -Henry David Thoreau-

Imagine over 100 years ago this was a personal belief of Henry David Thoreau, and now today in our enlightenment many of us are just becoming aware of this truth that he knew then. A true great master in perfect form and enlightenment.

Find, expand, practice, share and live your beliefs. As each of us do this, one then ten then a hundred then thousands will turn into each individual, then the community and then the world changes - one individual at a time - see how great we are!

Your beliefs may and probably will always be changing form, however, the core of your beliefs will remain the same as we are all one and come from the same Core or Source. How we get to our beliefs are on many varied paths at different time schedules and with many teachers and mentors along the way, this all varies depending on our heritage and family background and what influences we had as children, then we become adults and start sorting out what is true for us as our individual beliefs start to form.

When all is said and done, love is all there is - you are love and you, one individual at a time, can turn the world around. With this knowledge we can make that difference in the world that we thought was always in the hands of others, it is in our hands and we can make a difference with believing in our beliefs every day.

Darlene Siddons

My mission is to teach and encourage individuals how to find and maintain their balance in mind, body, spirit connection, which brings peace, joy and prosperity into their lives. They learn how to experience the joy of balanced living. I accomplish this thru my Wellness Coach Program which i offer to individuals and corporations.

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