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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is not something we look for and not something that is "out there" or out of our reach. Rather, it is about being present with what IS. It is about being grateful for what already exists in our life. Happiness is a moment- to- moment choice to focus on the beauty and abundance in our lives rather than on the lack.

When we focus on the abundance that already exists in our life, our heart expands...and when our heart is expanded, we feel more alive and at peace with ourselves and the world. I think happiness is A PRACTICE. When we move through our lives with a greater sense of appreciation and reverie for what is, then we cannot help but have an expanded experience of this world.

Happiness is not about feeling jovial all the time but rather it is about embracing the full spectrum of our humanity. It is as much about embracing our sadness, our pain and our 'lows' as it is about celebrating our joys and our 'highs'. I have found that gratitude is a potent key that opens the door to the compassion, love and acceptance that resides within our own hearts.

When we are willing to let go of the judgments we hold about ourselves, others and the world at large and move into a place of gratitude for the many different ways we get to relate to an-other and learn about ourselves and others, we are presented with the opportunity to hold every-thing in the light of our own compassion. This allows us to BE in happiness, touch it and experience it in a very palpable way.

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