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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Respect For Those You Come In Contact With Essential In Life And Business

In business and in life one should learn to respect people and treat them accordingly. You must respect yourself before you can effectively respect others. Everyone has their own set of core beliefs and values that effect how they interact with other individuals in this world we live in. The saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" should be took to heart in everything you say and in this world.

This respect for the individual's right to believe does not in anyway mean that we should always agree with that belief. It does mean we should try to our best to understand and seek common ground if possible. What is value to one person maybe worthless to another that is what makes this world so fascinating is how each of us perceives it and interacts in it. In a world of many languages and beliefs it is all too easy to offend someone with what we say and do. That is a fact of this universe in which we live that not everyone will like what we say and do.

In all our dealings with other individuals we should seek to not knowingly offend them. If we can not say something good and fulfilling who should use discretion and not speak ill of what another says and does if possible. That in no way means to acknowledge outright untruths and harmful things to be allowed to go unchecked. Evil and hurtful things must be address in a civil and decent way without falling into the pitfall of doing and saying something inappropriate. To argue about something that is pointless and non beneficial just causes a wider divide amongst individuals and solves nothing in the end. Debate is good as long as it is done with respect for the other point of view.

Do not disrespect your potential consumers of your wares by talking down to them like you are superior to them. Rather look for ways to communicate to them how your products or services may be able to benefit them. Never promise something you can not provide for them or exaggerate or embellish your wares and services in a deceitful manner. Show them courtesy in your presentation.

Look for ways to answer their concerns with honest answers. Look to what their needs may be and address it if possible in your presentation. The more you respect your potential buyer the more you will be able to gain their respect. Treat all men and women with respect and dignity seeking to serve them and in doing so reap in the rewards of doing so.

We are creatures that seek encouragement and acceptance among those we come into contact with. We do not seek to be beat down with words of deceit and abuse. Every person seeks to be accepted and feel like a part of society. Learn to listen more closely to what is being said and look for ways to give a hand in improving and benefiting those you come in contact with. The best leaders are those who seek to serve those they lead with fairness and kindness not with cruelty and deceit.

Look to find ways to respect yourself by removing those things that prevent you from doing so. Respect life and all it holds seeking what is good and right. Become a leader in your profession by serving those with kindness and respect. Starting looking for the good in men and women seeking to add to the list of those you call friends. We are all fellow travelers in great road of life so why not enjoy the trip to success in life and business.


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