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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prophetic - Words of Restoration

We are now in a time of intensity. The pressures of both modern and primitive living are leaving deep wounds in the heart and soul of many today. This article releases key dynamics to effect change in your life.

No matter if you meet a well dressed business woman in the executive lounge or sit along side a father by his mud home in the African bush, there is deep pain etched in the inner heart of many these days. Societies are undergoing difficult transitions. The Prophetic ministry is moving forward to address these complexities of the human heart. By virtue of prophesy having a discerning and supernatural character there is hope being released. Prophesy is meant to comfort, build up and strengthen. It therefore, is moving rapidly into a position to be of most benefit to today's populace.

The Supernatural words of the prophetic man or woman who is directed by the Holy Spirit will find welcome entrance into those troubled and unable to lift themselves out of their inner pain. They may look fine on the outside to human observation but the eyes of the Holy Spirit are able to see the wounds of the inner spirit and help them. Here is what I feel God is saying and doing through the prophetic voice today. These are the key dynamics being released in the prophetic realm which will heal brokeness of spirit. The Holy Spirit responds to our initiatives with His provisions to help us.

God is saying, "Come into My care. Bring your worries, anxieties and your burdens to Me. I care for you. Today will be the beginning of change and transformation. I Am the God who is able to change your circumstances and your heart. For those who will trust Me I will provide for your needs. I will pour into your inner wounds the healing power of My Presence. You will be restored by My love for you. Put aside the fears that have held you captive and surrender them to Me. I will release you from this torment and you will experience My counsel, My joy and peace. You have longed for direction and fulfillment and today I Am responding to your prayers. I Am giving you spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see, so come and listen. See what I Am doing in your day."

In this article, I also want to model prophetic words of encouragement in the following paragraphs.

There is a woman deeply traumatized because of abuse. God is saying, "Today I Am releasing comfort to your pain filled heart. Hand the total tragic experience to Me. I will give you grace and healing in those areas."

There is a man who was raised in an alcoholic abusive home. God is saying. " Today I Am setting you free from the intimidation, fear and torment. You will be free from this day forward from insecurities. Take a deep breath and let go of what you have not been able to cope with. Receive My love for today is a new beginning for you."

I release words of restoration, words of healing, words of hope, words of strength and words of provision over those who have experienced inner wounding because of life's hardness My advice is to receive these declarations of restoration and place your trust in Jesus.

Keith A. Paul has many years of Minstry experience and is an Author. He is used in the gift of prophecy, dream interpretation and words of knowledge which are gifts of the Holy Spirit. He currently lives in Abbotsford B.C. Canada. He has traveled internationally promoting the supernatural teachings and works of the Holy Spirit. To learn more, and to receive Keith's free Prophetic Words or purchase His E Books please visit


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