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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Discover How to Learn From Mistakes and Develop Growth in Success

By Rauf Mohamed Yusope

When one goes through the process of making mistakes, it can be a painful and difficult experiences. In life itself, the response of an individual through making such mistakes can play a huge determinant factor of the individual growth for the future. How does one respond from making mistakes and develop growth to success?

Firstly, the important lesson in responding to them is the individual must take ownership and be held responsible for his actions. Here, he must not stop blaming others for his mistakes. He must be accountable for his mistakes. A sense of responsibility will enable the individual to grow better through such experiences.

Secondly, in going through learning process from making mistakes, one should highly emphasize on how he can grow from such experiences. He should focus on the valuable lessons that he can learn from making the mistakes. Making mistakes can be a challenging and difficult period. In times like this, he should focus on the solutions, emphasize that he will push through and grow well as a person from the difficult period and experiences.

Thirdly, in making mistakes, there are great chances of such individuals being criticized and embarrassed by others. It might not be the most pleasant experience for them. However, one needs to understand that overcoming challenges through facing such criticisms is a wonderful opportunity for the individuals to grow from such experiences. It can be observed in the society that successful figures went through criticisms, overcome it and became successful. Through overcoming such mistakes and challenges, success will be a wonderful and meaningful experience for the individuals. One method to overcome such challenge is one should listen to themselves when making mistakes. Instead of responding to others' criticisms negatively, he should instead focus on rising to the challenges and tell himself that his response will ultimately play a huge role in him growing as person in the future.

Fourthly, it is another great opportunity to develop ones' great integrity and leadership values. As a leader making mistakes, he should focus on developing great integrity in the eyes of his team by facing such challenges with great responsibility. Chances are a leader with great integrity will earn huge respect from the team.

Lastly, in responding and developing growth to success, the individuals must instill a continual learning spirit in themselves. They should focus on continually developing themselves and look forward to great learning experiences in the future.

Making mistakes can be a huge part in developing ones success growth. What matters here is how the individuals respond and learn from mistakes to grow well.

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