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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Archetic Orchestra - God, Your Spirit, And Your Soul

When you receive the Seal you are made just like the earth was created into a big garden. And when man was created God said that man would be archetic, or the princely leader of all the life on earth.

On the second day God created the earth He separated the seas from the dry land. That was the day He planted the great garden in you so that now you are able to bear much fruit.

On the third day God created the sun and moon, the greater and lesser lights, to rule the day and night, along with the stars. Now the fourth day has arrived, when God will bring forth all the living creatures of the seas and Heavens.

And that is what God said. "Let the waters bring forth creatures with living souls," God said, "and flying winged creatures upon the earth below the Heavens!" And those creatures appeared.

When you are sealed you are a little earth and ecosystem as that garden. Your duty is to bear fruit, but you become host to much other life of the garden spiritually as well.

When God commands that the waters bring forth living creatures, that is when the Holy Spirit within you produces those living souls, for the Holy Spirit within you is the seas of the earth you have become.

And when God commands that those flying winged creatures appear above the earth, that is when your own Spirit (along with the help of the Holy Spirit) brings forth living souls of its own, for your Spirit is the air of the earth.

So the fourth day is a day of bringing forth spiritual Life, from the Holy Spirit who lives in your belly when you become sealed, and also from your own Spirit which is sanctified by God.

God also gave a blessing to the creatures of the seas and of the air. "Grow and multiply," God said, "and fill the waters in the seas. And let the winged creatures be multiplied upon the earth." And now comes the fifth day.

The fifth day is when the earth brings forth every living creature to live upon the dry lands instead of in the seas only or in the air only. God does this again with your help--this time with the help of your soul.

Your soul is what is sealed. That is your mind, where you are impressed with God's mark. And your soul is where you become that great garden, the mark upon you a little plot of ground ready to be sown with seed.

So your soul with the help of God the Father brings out much fauna life as well as the flora which has become your purpose. And this is when God created archetic man, that most important part of the fifth day.

"Let us make man according to our Image," said God, "and according to likeness." And then God commanded that man become archetic, the prince over all the other living creatures of the seas, the air, and the land.

When you are sealed you become the archetic prince over all the Life of your garden, made in God's Image, just as God is Lord and Leader over you. After all, you helped God give life to those creatures and you host their lives.

So you become the archetic prince over your own garden and you come to be able to produce even people as well as other life. God gives you all this and more when you receive the Seal.

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Jason Witt

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