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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Winning is Nothing to Fear - Do Not Fear Success!

Have you ever heard of the notion that many people are afraid to succeed? If they succeed then what? Sure, we have all heard this and yet we laugh when we hear it, after all who in their right mind is afraid to succeed?

Well, you might not like the answer to that problem because odds are that you are one of them. To fully understand this paradoxical issue with the human psyche, actually your psyche, I think you should read the following book:

"Overcoming The Fear of Success - Why and How We Defeat Ourselves and What to Do About it" by Martha Friedman - 1980.

Many people out there are actually afraid to succeed, and worse they have no clue, and well my advise is simple, don't be one of them too, don't you dare let it be you. This book explains the human psyche and how most everyone has the tendency to want something and then once they get it, wishes they did not have it.

Sometimes this tendency hits us in advance of succeeding at our goal or dreams, but there is something you can do about this inherent and some say innate characteristic. I realize all this sounds a little crazy and that you are not buying into this "Afraidy Cat Syndrome" at all, but until you read this book, you will not understand or be able to detect why you maybe holding yourself back.

Once you read this work you will be able to spot the signs of this real problem in yourself, in your mirror and in others. Once you do, well overcoming it, that's the easy part, but not until you read the book, buy it online today, it's a classic.

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