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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Transcending This Limiting Factor Of The Mind

By E. Elysha

No amount of thinking is going to lead you to "that" which is the one - this "you" of you - that is already flowing through the very eyes of this mindbody that you find yourself flowing through. It cannot.

The thinking mind that you take to be your guidance in life is just another arising of manifestation and it is to be transcended for you to come to the clarity and purity of this "you" of you that is already true of you. Transcending this now limiting factor of the mind that has played its part of evolving the animal body of humanity into the mindbody, cannot be transcended through thinking.

Many folk have involved themselves in the trying of this and have simply failed because this thinking, restless and chattering mind is not who "you" are.

Transcendence of this now limiting factor of the mind can only come about by you realizing and being this "you" of you that is already true of you. If you are going to persist in believing yourself to be this restless and chattering mind then you will continue to close the door to the realization of the one that is who "you" already are, the very heart of existence itself, the divine one of all time.

This realization is a motion of "aliveness" that is so refined that the moment you think the slightest thing about it you have let it go for the belief of the thinking mind as being you - this same mind that has now played its wonderful part of evolving humanity to this stage of where it now can be transcended.

This momentary realization of "you" is so refined that it has you completely and freely standing of all else in the immediacy of the moment of its realization. One moment you can be "being" the realization of precisely who "you" are - energetically and consciously aligned to the seeing and being of this "you" of you that is looking through your eyes right now - and in the next nanosecond you can be back to your old belief system of listening to your mind as if this were what was true of who you are, once again.

Your persistence in bringing your full attention to this one that is looking through your eyes, whenever you become aware that you have forgotten to do so, is what is going to bring you to the stable abidance in the realization of this one that "you" already are. It is as simple (and arduous) as that.

Keep finding this "you" of you that you already are and stopping at and as this one and you will begin to consciously "be" who you are; you will begin to transcend this level of the mind that has now served its purpose and is now to be outshone by a greater level of that which governs this mind. It is absolutely worth the effort.

The pain that you may go through is nothing on what you will receive as you continue to be who "you" are - which is what you will keep on finding about this wonderful journey of your self and heart discovery. The replacement of the things that you lose far outshines the natural dissolution of those losses.

The constant and consistent aligning of your conscious focus of attention to the finding of this "you" that is already flowing through your eyes and stopping at and as this one until you come to being deeply at rest in and as this one, is the action that will have you being the freedom of your heart.

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