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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Reluctant Christian By Douglas S Wright

An Amazing Story of Addiction and Deliverance

"The Reluctant Christian" is the amazing story of the spiritual journey of Douglas S. Wright? He has opened his life to the reader to tell of the trials, failures, victories, in a cycle of addiction, sin, repentance and deliverance. Doug testifies of God's mercy, and grace. As a rebellious youth Doug made choices that led to a downward spiral of drug and alcohol dependence. This is a story of a young man plagued with bitterness and anger, working through a tumultuous marriage, trying to be a good father and provider for his two children, and to submit to the purpose and call of God on his life.

Douglas Wright has made himself vulnerable in telling his story. It is good to know that there are those still willing to open their heart in a way that does not gloss over the ugliness of sin. Doug was willing to acknowledge the evil in his life to bring honor to his Lord. He also testified to the miracle of deliverance, the power of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the salvation available through Jesus Christ, God's Son.

Doug addresses the important place his extended family played in impacting his life. In his teens Doug made bad choices and soon was experiencing a downward spiral of addiction. Before Doug found himself at rock bottom, he narrowly escaped death on several occasions, was arrested on numerous charges, and experienced a forced separation from his wife and children. He cried to God for mercy and another chance. Wright shares the anguish of his emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual battles throughout his journey to deliverance, recovery, and wholeness.

Wright is an articulate communicator. I found myself engrossed in the story from the first page to the very end. Doug is gifted with spiritual discernment, and anointed by God's Spirit. Doug's writing is strong in Biblical content. He writes clearly of the consequences of sin and evil, demons, divorce, forgiveness, repentance, and restoration. He then helps the reader to recognize the promise of deliverance from the power of sin,

Doug Wright has written "The Reluctant Christian" with the prayer that it will help others avoid the hurt and suffering Doug experienced the hard way. He provides the reader with an invitation to submit their lives to God, to follow His purpose and not their own plans. I am eager to hear more from this promising first time author, Douglas S. Wright.

Richard R. Blake, Christian Education Consultant, Book Store Owner


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