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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Really Successful People Unlock The Focus Of Their Subliminal Mind

By Michael McGrath

Did you know that your subliminal thoughts have a direct affect upon how you live your life and the circumstances you now find yourself in? Never underestimate the power of your thoughts whether they be consciously directed or unconscious in nature. There is a law of the universe that has had many names and been described in many different ways. One simple statement can explain this law and if it were fully understood by you, you could build the life of your dreams in a very short time.

This law is so simple that 98% of the planet cannot use it. Some of that 98% have heard the law yet failed to understand it. Others understood the law but do not know how to use it. Are you prepared to enter the ranks of the fortunate 2% that understand the law and use it to build the lives of their dreams?

The law has been given numerous names throughout history but it can be summed up as follows:

You Always Get More Of What You Focus On In Life!

Simple isn't it? However, most people do not use this law to create the life they want to live and therefore continue to live desperate lives totally dissatisfied with their own struggles and end up full of pain, frustrations and despair. Why is this?

There are basically two reasons why people who know the law cannot successful use it to change their lives. I will deal with both these issues in this article. They are as follows:

1. Failure to comprehend what the law means. 2. Inability to stay focused long enough to manipulate reality.

Now if you know the law and understand that you get more of what you focus on yet you cannot achieve your goals or build the life of your dreams then you are falling into one of the above two categories. If you stay with me I will show you how to break free from your self-imposed boundaries and move forward toward the life you deserve.

Let us look briefly at the first category:

1. Failure to comprehend what the law means.

Are you fully aware of what the term 'Focus' means?

Focus is merely a state of mind. It is wherever you are placing your predominant thoughts. The reason why many people fail to fully comprehend the law of focus is because they do not look at their unconscious subliminal thinking.

If you wish to create a better finacial situation in your life then you cannot just want more money while focusing on not having enough of it. You may set a goal to acquire an additional amount of money in your monthly income and visualize such a thing coming to pass. You may be filled with positive emotion and belief during this period and be certain that you will acquire your additional income. However, if your predominant thoughts throughout the day are focused on your current situation and your lack of money or if you feel frustrated at your lack of progress then that is where your true focus lies!

In order to ensure your focus is always on your goal you must also ensure that your subconscious thoughts and feelings, which arise when your conscious mind is off-guard, are in alignment with your goal. Think constantly of all the things in your life that you have now and that you are grateful for. This attitude of gratefullness builds a solid foundation on which to launch your desires and goals. However, you must take some action to reprogram your subliminal thinking. Therefore you must be aware of the thoughts you are holding. Ensure that your conscious and subliminal thoughts are sending positive messages to yourself.

The basic premise is this - you cannot focus on your goal for 15 minutes a day by visualizing, affirming and believing and then spend the remainder of your day thinking about the lack of it! Stay focused on having it or at least the thought that it is coming closer with each passing day, hour and minute. There are numerous ways to do this but I have found that subliminal message programming and hypnosis can be invaluable tools for achieving this type of mind-set automatically.

Now let us briefly look at the second category.

2. Inability to stay focused long enough to manipulate reality.

Do you have trouble staying focused? A lack of focus is usually the result of confusion, uncertainty, or fear.

Without a clear focus on what you want and where you are going you will be at the mercy of fate and your own negative thinking. By altering your focus constantly you are sending confusing messages to your subconscious mind and the world at large. Please remember that you always get more of what you are focusing on. Confusing thoughts of uncertainty or fear will attract to you situations, circumstances and people that will cause you more confusion, uncertainty and fear!

If you ask most people what they want in life they will be able to list you hundreds, if not thousands, of things they do not want. Yet if they are pushed to describe the life of their dreams their answers are vague or even non-existent. They cannot give any clear indication of what it is that they do want. You must get clear. Only by knowing exactly what you want can you eliminate confusion and uncertainty and stay focused on your goal.

By staying focused on your clearly defined goal and holding firmly to the belief that it is already yours and you are merely waiting delivery of it eliminates fear completely. How could you be fearful of what might happen when you already know the outcome? Take your fears and incorporate their opposites into your goal and visualizations. See things the way you want them to be. Do you fear the emotional, physical or spiritual price you have to pay for extra money may be too high? Are you fearful that earning an extra income may come at the expense of your family life? Then visualize the extra income coming to you easily and see your self enjoying the extra money with your family!

Set a goal now and commit to it. Ensure you stay focused on the end result and disregard anything in your environment that seems to be telling you that you won't achieve it. Use negative situations as a learning mechanism to improve your position in regards to your goal. If something is blocking your path towards your desire just stayed focused on what you want and look for ways to overcome your obstacle - one obstacle at a time.

By staying focused on what you want you will re-train your mind to think positively and your subliminal thoughts and feelings will reflect this. Soon you will become the deliberate creator you came here to be!

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