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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Motivation Is Like Bathing, You Need to Do It Daily

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Keeping one's motivation in high gear 24/7 is an incredible challenge given all the obstacles we face traveling the road to success. The lack of motivation appears to continually cross our paths as we grow forward. Recently I read about Zig Ziglar's simple answer as to his own motivation technique. Zig said: People often say, "Zig motivation is great, but it does not last." I just tell them, Bathing does not last either, that is why I recommend it daily.

To stay highly motivated according Zig requires a daily habit. How you construct that daily habit is up to you. Bottom line is that you need to reinforce, reinforce and reinforce your own thoughts and desires so that you stay focused, focused and focused on where you want to be 365 days from today.

Developing a habit is understanding that attitudes are habits of thought (another Ziglar definition). These attitudes are merely reflections of our foundational belief system that holds all of our experiences and knowledge. Much of this belief system has become so internalized that it is subconscious or what some call on automatic pilot.

For it is truly our Beliefs that drive out Attitudes demonstrated through out Actions that create our results. (BAAR) If we belief that we cannot do something, the result will be that it will not be done.

Motivation techniques are essentially the internal fuels that keep our thoughts on the conscious level so that we do not allow unconscious thoughts from years of previous negative conditioning to take over. This is why changing actions or behaviors is so difficult. And why results continue to allude so many.

Not only does our brain respond to conditioning so does our body. After wearing braces for 8 years in junior high, high school and my first year in college, I had them removed. Teeth were straight. Then at the age of 40, I had to wear them again for another year, because teeth have memory and wanted to return to how they were. And we all know about losing weight and how the body is comfortable at certain weight levels no matter how much we do not eat or how much we exercise.

One motivation technique that I use is scheduling time to read and improve myself. Another technique, believe it or not, is Internet article writing. A third motivation technique is the use of belief statements or what are called positive affirmation statements.

Regardless of your motivation techniques, to be successful requires that you use them each and every day as you travel the road to success. Keep that fuel as a constant stream into your conscious thoughts and life will be good for you if not even better.

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