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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How to Motivate Employees - 1001 Ways to do it Fast!

For anyone who has ever had to manage people or for anyone who has ever run a small, medium or large business - they know that the most important thing is keeping people productive, efficient and happily motivated. Easier said than done! However, after being in business for nearly 30 years and in charge of a Franchising Company, with well you can only imagine how many employees - there is a book I wish to recommend that can help you do just that:

"1001 Ways to Reward Employees" by Bob Nelson - 1994.

Money isn't everything - low cost proven strategies - achievement awards - contests, time off - case studies - praise

This book is packed with ideas and concepts that companies have been successfully using for years to motivate and reward employees and keep everyone happy and performing at optimum. There are so many ideas in the book, that you could never try them all, but it sure makes for a very nice reference book and it should be on the shelf of every human resource director and CEO and perhaps on the shelves of all middle managers in every corner of the corporation. It makes perfect sense for franchised outlets and small business people too. I recommend that you buy this book.

Of course, I rather fancy the idea of calling up VocationVocations and just telling them to take care of my employee who is dreaming of a better job. Give him a trial run and then watch how fast they change their mind and come back to work with full enthusiasm and a renewed spirit.

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