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Monday, November 5, 2007

Confusing Truths About Life

In this world, it is difficult to remain calm. Nothing is stable. Everything is changing. You can never expect that something is permanent.

Realizing this creates a big confusion of what lies ahead in the future. Would you like to know? Have you ever thought why were you borne out of the millions who could have been part of this world? Why your fate seems so simple or too complex?

Is it easy for you to accept the failures and challenges that you encounter every day? Have you ever wondered what life is all about?

Thinking these things makes me feel confused about the very essence of life. Although there may be ready answers to my questions as I read books and journals, but still it is more important to realize what life is through personal experience. Books are helpful, but they are just self-guides or probably for reference.

I guess it would be more convincing if reality is slapped on our faces and telling us why we are here and for what purpose. But I believe everyone was borne to accomplish something that you alone can do. And without you, it can't be done.

As they say, what you do not know won't hurt you. But is it really better not to know something or to perceive it even if it will hurt me? It is all a matter of weighing things if which is greater: being affected or protected from the realities of life. Is it healthy to be hurt by knowing something? Sometimes when I'm in a dilemma, it is difficult to make the right choices.

A set of solutions to a problem or dilemma may complicate things more instead of just getting simple answers of yes or no. Why is life so complicated to a few people with great minds? Do I belong to this category? I don't know. I'm confused. Or maybe, it is just my perception that I have a great mind. Who will know? Can you tell?

But with these thousands of questions about life, we live as time goes by. The sun shines in the morning and the moon says hello at night. As time flies, are you learning the easy way or you are fond of taking the hard route?

How do you manage things in looking at your life when you are confused? Do you respond to them positively or always bothered by them?

Life is a bunch of confusions. And this is never ending as long as you are alive. What matters most is that you learn in every minute of your existence. The decisions that you make may be right or wrong. But confusions in the decision-making process will always be present. It is just learning how to make the right choices in spite of being confused of what road to take or clothes to wear.

Preference and careful discernment of what you value most will teach you how to fight back confusions. Maturity and greater understanding of what life is all about will enlighten you to be more proactive in making the sound judgment in all your undertakings.

Confusions are apparent obstacles, but overcoming them lead to the path of greater wisdom. So don't worry if you are confused. It is just the simple step of knowing thyself better. One good thing to consider is that you are heading toward the right direction that seems underway if only your confusions are settled.

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Maynard Joseph Delfin finished AB Journalism (cum laude) at the University of Santo Tomas. He has worked as book editor, deskman, copy editor and research and publications officer in leading publishing and research companies. For comments about his articles, you can email him at

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