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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Your Greatest Teachers - Often Not Those in The Classroom!

We all seemingly have an individual or individuals in our lives who can seemingly bring out the worst in us by his/her/their mere appearance. Understand that they are teachers in disguise!
Be grateful for these teachers, in that they give you a number of opportunities to both see your resentments clearly and therefore rid yourself of their destructive influences, as well assist you in developing your skills of observation and detachment.
See clearly that they do not drive you crazy, rather you drive yourself crazy, having been unable to detach from the ideas the very presence of these teachers stir up in your mind. Observe these disturbing thoughts and your subsequent habitual responses, and these thoughts (and these individuals) will begin to lose their negative influences over you.
These teachers and to what degree you are able to dispassionately observe your reactions to them, will profoundly influence your rate of growth. You may even discover some positive qualities they possess! Prior to your new awareness, you may have been far too involved in your own "going craziness" to notice!
Be here now. As you move about your world, treat others as though they are the most important person in the world. There are several fine reasons for this. The least of them being that your environment will begin to reflect that which you send out.
The golden rule is powerful indeed. There is a mirroring effect that takes place between you and your environment. You must give before receiving. You must create a little spark before a roaring fire can develop and provide you with great warmth.
Again, you will become what you think about all the days of your life. Have you treated others cruelly, without patience or compassion in the past? Does your life not reflect that prior treatment? Be honest enough to see previously hidden resentments as they bubble up to the surface, but remember not to judge yourself. Can you see how the judgment of others has kept you continually feeling judged? Eliminate your own judgments and notice the absolute freedom you will experience.
Again without effort, upon seeing these shortcomings, look at them dispassionately and return to the here and now. Just realize and let go. Be aware of the life force and again see in your mind's eye the desire you have by now established clearly and the fulfillment of that desire. Your life is and will continue to change! Be aware.
Develop simple triggers (like the hand trigger mentioned earlier) to constantly return to the meditative state. As you move through your daily world, you may fix a word or phrase ("I am here now" or simply "I am") in your mind and silently repeat it, all the while remaining aware. You may also recall and trigger a physical movement (as simple as a thumb softly touching a fore finger or a warmth or tingling feeling in your dominant hand), to again center yourself and return to a meditative state instantaneously.
The use of these triggers will allow you to become aware of the present moment despite the numerous distractions and trivialities that you will surely encounter. Your awareness will tend to be more heightened at these times.
As a result, you may notice irritations previously hidden and their dispassionate observation will nip negative emotional responses in the bud. Do not worry and strain. Remember to be as the river and its effortless flow. Bring yourself back to that zone, that flow, moment by moment, throughout your day!
Simplicity. The wisdom of the ages. The life force (or whatever you choose to call it) within, and the power to recreate your life is now yours for the taking. Today! Now it begins. Now after now after now. Step after step after step.
Do not become disheartened if your progress is not as quick as you had envisioned. Just continue earnestly to follow these simple steps. Remain patient with yourself at all times. Keep on the path. Awareness will come in increasing waves. Just be aware that you are aware. You will realize that you have all the time in the world. There is no need to rush. There is no need to worry.
You have come here, in this time and place, not by accident but for a purpose. Discover what that purpose is by using these tools. Freely take the wisdom that is presented here. Do you see that there is truly nowhere for you to go? You are here already. Realize that you are exactly where you should be.
The light within you waits ever patiently for you to recognize and bask in its warmth. You are it. Realize this. Practice these techniques regularly and diligently but free off any straining whatsoever. All you desire will arrive in due time. Just remember these simple steps.
You are presently the result of all your previous thoughts including the last one! You are swiftly developing the inborn ability to witness, separate and therefore choose your own thoughts. You do this in the here and now. You can begin fashioning your new life at this moment. Keep centering and drawing yourself away from distractions and back to the present moment.
You are dealing with an almost hypnotic, powerful pulling action towards fantasy, so you will have to be diligent to negate its effects. Remind yourself to always be patient in these efforts. You are dealing with a skillful adversary. Your ego is a worthy foe and has been around for a long time! Fortunately, as darkness can not exist in the light, so is your imagination rendered powerless when exposed by your inner guiding light.
This simplicity is powerful indeed. Constantly remember to remember. Begin your morning meditation shortly after rising. Use this technique to center yourself and then you can continue to draw upon it throughout your day.
Daily worries and concerns will seem less important and will even gradually melt away. Just let it happen.
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