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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Winning Super-Confidence-Attempting The Impossible

By George Chingarande

No meaningful achievements were ever achieved in an atmosphere bereft of confidence. When confidence abounds the energy to act heroically also abounds. When confidence ebbs out great men slump to canvas. Be it on the sports field, boxing ring, political sphere or stock market or any other market for that matter, the fact is that the one who proceeds buoyantly towards his goal is more likely to attain it than the one who proceeds tamely and timidly. During crunch times confidence puts a man in better stead. Many men of talent have been surpassed by less talented men because of lack of confidence.

What is confidence? Confidence has its roots in two latin words namely Con and Fidelity. Con means with, and fidelity means faith. Hence loosely translated confidence means to do something with faith. Herein lies the difference between winners and losers. Winners approach everyday with faith in their ideas and faith in their abilities and this is always a conscious and radical choice.

Great achievers always radiate great confidence that often rubs on to the people they interact with. Great leaders also inspire confidence that makes their environments resonate to the same tune and frequency. This stems from a deep conviction on the inside. It is a conviction about one's abilities and about the worth of the goal being pursued. Before one can move forward full steam, one has to be totally persuaded on the inside that what one is doing is doable and also worthy expending one's efforts on. Winners are resolute and implacable.

They have strong opinions and convictions and they are difficult to stop, whether they are right or wrong. This is precisely why religious and political fundamentalists have proved difficult to handle over the years. This is also the reason why some armies with minimal resources have confounded well-trained and well-equipped armies. Most importantly this is the reason why many ordinary people saddled with great difficulties have surmounted the odds and have rewritten the scripts of their lives. On the other hand, losers have diluted convictions and vacilating opinions and consequently rarely go far in life. They may avoid pain, anxiety and strenuous effort, but in the process they also forgo their right to success. The business world is replete with examples of people who started out with meager resources but who walked confidently with conviction to amass fortunes worth billions of dollars. Here are a few.

• Richard Branson in 1984 set up an airline in a period of four months without prior experience in the aviation industry. His experience was with running a records company. And he was only thirty-three. You might think that he had all the money he needed and all the support and blessings of his colleagues. Well the truth is that the airline was financed by an overdraft facility under very difficult circumstances, and most of his business colleagues thought he had gone mad. Today Virgin Atlantic is one of the most recognizable airline brands in the world.

Let me pause and digress a little and ask you a few questions.

What did you achieve in the past four months?

What are you planning to achieve in the next four months?

In four months Mr. Branson and company conceived and gave birth to an airline that is still going from strength to strength and winning accolades. In the next four months you can also alter the contour of your life in a big way. If he could do it, so can you.

• Jeffrey Bezos quit his attractive and rewarding Wall Street job in 1994. He called the loading company and instructed them to move his goods. With his wife driving, Jeffrey worked on the business plan on his laptop and then called his attorney on the mobile phone to incorporate Amazon. That was the birth of the world's most successful online bookshop found at The venture was so successful that in 1999, only four years later Jeffrey Bezos was named Time Magazine's Man of the Year, the fourth youngest man to get that prestigious award.

• In a term paper at university Fredrick Smith, articulated his novel idea of nationwide overnight parcel delivery service. This did not appeal to his professor who awarded him a C grade. Undaunted by the judgments of the professor and many others who despised the idea and by his own lack of capital, Fredrick Smith got into action and created Federal Express (FedEx). He borrowed money and acquired a fleet of 14 Falcon jets, and on the first night delivered sixteen packages. After two years of losses, the company took off like a rocket and spawned a new industry. The rest, as they say, is history.

Not many choose to stick with despised ideas, even fewer people elect to put up with two consecutive years of loses and uncertainty but a man with a strong conviction will always find the resources within himself to defy the odds and go against the established current. A man with a good idea and confidence borne out of conviction is unstoppable.

Many ideas have been aborted, many lives have foundered and many efforts faltered simply for a lack of a strong conviction. One hallmark of the people that are totally convinced about their ideas is a preparedness to do whatever it takes to get their ideas realized. Often this calls for going against the grain and against conventional wisdom. All great achievements became possible because there was someone who was willing to be misunderstood, to be ridiculed, to be despised and to face whatever hyperbole was dished out without flinching as he marched towards his desired destination.

Take heed how you approach your assignments in life. The people that proceed with confidence towards the life of their dreams always meet with success unknown to common people.

The author is a motivational speaker, management consultant and author of the best selling book_Rebopund the winning mantra


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