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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's The Deal With Laughter?

By April Lisbon-Peoples

When you learn to incorporate laughter into your daily diet you will be able to:

• Live life with enthusiasm: When you live your life full of energy and vigor, you find less down time to mope about the small things in life. Every day brings a new sense of purpose and direction, so why not live it up to the maximum?

• Apply yourself daily: Give yourself a daily makeover of ways you can smile throughout the day. Laugh even when your boss tells a boring joke as it will make your face appear brighter and it will warm your boss's heart that you laughed at a joke that even he knew was not funny.

• Understand you are human: I know that it is difficult for many of us to realize that we are not superheroes and we will make mistake. We all have a human component within us that will err at times. Don't criticize yourself when you make a mistake as you can always change it with time. Just ask for forgiveness (if your error was towards another person) or fix the problem and keep it moving. Joy comes when you understand that you are not perfect.

• Get a routine going: Exercise those smile muscles every day. Take a minimum of 30-60 seconds daily just to laugh. Allow yourself to feel the freedom of no barriers or restraints as you let go any negative energy that may be surrounding you. Just shake it off with laughter and you will see that others will begin laughing right with you. We all need some "laughter motivation" every once and awhile.

• Have fun: I have said it once and I will say it again; it is okay to have fun. Go the movies and watch a comedy show or take a drive in the country and play "punch" buggy (for all of our VW fans) with your significant other or children. Take some time to remember what it was like not to have bills or worries and just have fun again.

Learn to exercise your freedom to laugh as it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So if you have found yourself in a slump for a while, go outside and just laugh. It does not have to be about anything funny. Just laugh about being able to smell fresh air or smog depending on your location. You can even laugh like I do every time I pass by a gas station and watch gas prices going up every single day while my tank is only half-filled. Find something to smile about as your heart and your mind will thank you for it.

April Lisbon-Peoples is a life enhancement coach who enjoys inspiring her clients to find their life's purpose through becoming visionaries. She the founder and CEO of Running Your Race, a coaching practice designed for individuals who are ready to awaken their visions and create their destiny. April also has a strong desire to help mothers find the balance between work and family. Additionally, she also works as a school psychologist in NV.

April has written various articles focusing on elevating and motivating people, especially women to their highest potential. She aspires to help her clients live their dreams while gaining and maintaining a level of healthy success. So if you are ready to fly like the eagles and see your vision come to past, then visit her at or e-mail her at


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