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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Is Stopping You From Your Success?

Success has different meaning for different people. By large success is defined or measured by the amount of cash in your pockets, but as I said it could be different for different people. Not everyone is cut out of be next Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. But the question we need to ask ourselves is why not?

The biggest hurdle in our success what I feel is ourselves and lack of belief in our own capabilities, talent. We feel that they had the X Factor going for them and we can't ever be in the same league. Well what I feel is the only thing that had is a belief so strong that they can do it. Which led them in accomplishing all that they aimed for, infect much more.

We are all living in our self created comfort zones and the fear of change and inner sluggishness and the inner devil wants us to remain where we are. Whenever, you try to tell yourself that let's do this or lets do that the inner devil says its not going to work so not need to bother. The temptation to listen to that person is so high because this will allow us to stay where we are and not to do anything. Simply NO CHANGE.

The reality is that the self created rather our self perceived comfort zone is basically keeping us in a detention center and not letting us grow or evolve. This is actually keeping us away from our success. We need to have a realization of this fact. Once you realize that this zone is actually a blockage from your evolution to reach all that you want will be the first step towards reaching for that.

We need to remove all the uncertainties or doubts that we have. For our independence it is imperative that we start believing in ourselves. And only by doing so we would be able to encounter all those fears.

Write down your goals or desires on a piece of page and then think over it. It could be a business a job or any other thing you have in your mind. Now think for a few minutes how you can achieve those by doing another job, taking another assignment etc. Now all sort of negative thoughts will start to come in. Why am I doing this, Nothing is going to change, having a personality make-over, its useless etc. Now these are again merely that part of mind which is going to resist the change.

Why most of the people live a static life will yearly increments in their pays and live in life with a little change in their status? The basic reason for this is just that their unconscious mind who resists to change has evolved so much has taken so much control over them.

Therefore, the most vital thing to know for now is that "Change is good" it's the change which will lead you from what you are and in having all that you want. As I always say "If you want more, be more." Don't resist change, be flexible and have a strong self belief system and know it's for the better and it would be for the better.

Syed Muzaffar Aqleem Tirmizi is part of the operational management in leading cellular operator in Pakistan, specializing in providing training solutions for individuals, teams and organizations. He also specializes in training needs, analysis and mentoring. Has a very energetic and motivating style with a strong focus on exceeding the organizational expectation and with his infectious energy he empowers other individuals to achieve their full potential. For your training needs or operational analysis could be contacted at or visit for more information.

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