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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remove Failure As an Option

By George Chingarande

The human mind is like a faithful and just garden that produces fruit in and out of season. It does not segregate, show favoritism or partiality to any seed. The human being is the master gardener. If a seed of greatness and success is sown into the garden it will yield a harvest to the gardener in proportion to the quantity and quality of seed sown. The same is true for the seed of failure. Success is a fruit, and so is failure. Success comes from the success mindset, and failure from the failure mindset. In order to comprehend the success mindset, we will begin by examining the failure mindset and work from the negative to the positive.

A failure mindset produces nothing else but failure. Regrettably it is so pervasive in today's society that many people accept it as the norm. Men and women internalize it, while children are cultured into it. A mindset of failure is best understood through the language of failure. Today's parlance is replete with expressions and metaphors that betray a deeply ingrained mindset of failure. Here are a few examples.

• You win some and you Lose some.

The person who believes in this saying is conditioned and cultured to expect to fail sometimes. At the root of this saying is the belief that with every effort there is a probability of failure. This is a presumption for one's own failure. This person has not mastered one of the cardinal rules of success which simply reads, "Remove failure as an option."

The perfect anti-thesis of this mindset is the success presumption which says, "In whatever I do I will succeed.' This statement represents a very significant departure from ordinary thinking. The average person believes that some of his endeavors will succeed, and some of his endeavors shall fail. This is a self-limiting belief that is at the root of many a failure. The great achievers believe that in whatever they set out to do they will succeed. They begin everything with the idea that they will succeed; as a result they are prepared to put their hands firmly on the task until the final victory. They are persuaded that they will succeed eventually, therefore any set backs are interpreted as temporary inconveniences.

At this juncture let us pause a little and ask a question. What things would you attempt to do or become if you were assured that you would not fail?

Would you not attempt to be what you have always aspired to be? Would you not attempt to be the prime minister or go to space, or start your own business, or expand your existing business? Would you not attempt to change careers? Would you not attempt to be a billionaire? The possibilities are limitless. The only limits that exist are in your mind, and these exist and serve at your pleasure. You can cast away your self-imposed limits if you so desire. Yes, you can succeed in whatever you do. This column exists to exhort you to do precisely that by telling you that winners remove failure as an option. They burn the bridges and do not allow themselves to visualize the penalties of failure. They focus on visualizing the rewards of success.

• It cannot be done.

This is the elegy of the failures and the most commonly told lie. Anything can be done if you dedicate yourself to the process. If you can dream it, the fact that you can dream it means that you can bring it into being. If you can conceive it, then you can give birth to it. The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do. The world is full of things that people said could not be done. If it has not been done yet, it does not mean that it cannot be done. It does mean that no one has done it yet and you have an opportunity to be the first to accomplish it. Seize that opportunity and make the best of it. There is always a great reward for the first mover and the pioneer. There can only be one pioneer. If it has never been done before, you are therefore privileged in that you have a unique opportunity to make history. There was a time when it was said; it was impossible to run the mile in under five minutes and flying across the ocean was inconceivable. There was a time when going into space was an impossible dream. Many poor souls labored and died under these illusions. Of course we now know that it was always possible. The impossible is often the un-attempted. Remove failure as an option and go for broke.


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