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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beyond The Comfort Zone

"The greater danger, for most of us, lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark……Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish." Michelangelo

Do you desire different and better results than what you are currently obtaining? Is it your intention to scale the utmost heights and achieve phenomenal success? Well, I have got important news for you. To achieve different and more excellent results in any area of your life, you must first become a different and more excellent person. This rings true for businesses as it does for individuals. It is true about the results that people get from relationships, and it is also true about what they reap out of their efforts. It is so true as to pervade every area of human endeavor.

Over the long haul the results that we get in our lives are consistent with what we are on the inside. Our lives are like a drama, but this drama is the external reflection of the visions we have of ourselves on the inside. Our results have little to do with our potential and all to do with how we see ourselves on the inside. An eaglet that is raised and conditioned to think as a chick, will never soar high. For an elephant to leave her destructive ways in the jungle, and become a master entertainer in the circus it must first be conditioned to see itself differently. Likewise a precondition for being a consistent high performer and winner is that one must predominantly see oneself as a winner and a high performer. The most important difference between the winner and the loser is in the way that the respective people see themselves. It is in their self concepts.

Your self concept will dictate what business ideas you pursue and execute, and what challenges you shy away from. It will determine who you associate with and who you avoid. It will even inform the way you conduct the affairs of your life and the verve, confidence and enthusiasm that you bring to your work. It explains why most job seekers will apply for certain types of jobs and not other types, and why people seem to fall into relationships with people with particular traits. Above all, the self concept determines what we are comfortable with and what we dread. It determines and circumscribes our comfort zones. The comfort zone, which is that impulse to think the thoughts we have always thought, to associate with the people we have always associated with, to behave the way we have always behaved, to call on the customers we have always called on in exactly the same way is perhaps the worst enemy of progress. There is a human tendency to move from areas of discomfort to areas of comfort. This tendency is the curse of the average person that keeps him perpetually underachieving. It is the comfort zone that will cause people to aim low, and settle for little.

Unfortunately for most people success lies beyond their comfort zones. To get better and superlative results demands that one should operate outside one's comfort zone. The good news is that no one is a prisoner to his comfort zone. The comfort zone and the self concept are both self created and can be modified. The winners alter their comfort zones by consistently setting higher goals and higher standards for themselves. They go further and hold themselves accountable to these high standards. Regularly they push themselves to do things they have never done before. The losers on the other hand are addicted to their comfort zones. They are set in their ways and detest change. They never leave the safe shores until necessity strikes. When challenges arise they shrink into their shells instead of rising to meet them. They delude themselves into believing that for things to get better in their lives the circumstances must change. The winners recognize that things do not just change but they are changed, and that their circumstances will not change until they change what they are doing.

The winners are distinguished by three attributes as far as change is concerned. They have a strong desire to establish a new and better self concept. They are also willing to change and willing to make the effort required. They understand that success in life comes with a price tag. And this often entails going well beyond the comfort zone. The losers often realize the need to change, but more often than not they lack the willingness to make the necessary efforts.

Winning Mantra
Not failure, but low aim is the sin. Victory is available beyond the zone of comfortableness.

Winning Tip
Deliberately push beyond your comfort zones.

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