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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Banish Fear and Achieve More

By George Chingarande

Success, real, glittering and astounding success demands from each one of us a price. It is a price that we are all able to pay. However, it is also a price that very few have the courage to pay. The price for winning in life, though it may look too exorbitant at times, is never beyond our reach. The problem is never in the price in that it is too high; but in us because we choose to approach the game of life as weaklings.

The world has no shortage of people with big ideas, great dreams and gigantic ambitions. In all probability you are one of them. It is an amazing thing about life that most people know what they ought to do to change their fortunes for the better, but only few ever take the necessary actions. Many people are in jobs, relationships, employment conditions or general states of life that they loathe with perfect hatred yet day after day they do nothing about it. We have even become experts at polishing this decay with the splendor of words, or to use contemporary language we have become masters of "normalizing the abnormal". Hence, it is not uncommon to hear people say, "I am stuck with this career or this relationship or this employer and there is nothing I can do about it." What a big lie and what a terrible way of wasting life? You certainly can do something about it.

Why do perfectly normal and intelligent people elect to remain in abnormal situations that are not tenable? The truth is that the average person is a prisoner of fear. The worst of these being the fear of the unknown. Most people do not know what will happen if they leave the jobs that are keeping them in a perpetual state of poverty and discontentment, and pursue their dreams, therefore they would rather play it safe. Speak of false security. This is particularly true for those who once experienced the pain of joblessness. A great many people know that they are in dysfunctional relationships and situations, but they do not exit for fear of the future. Some never invest boldly, not because the projected returns are not lucrative, but because they once burnt their fingers. They allow the ghost of the past to rob them of the future and interfere with the now. Yet many others hesitate to alter the courses of their lives even when it is profitable to do so because they crave for certainty.

The greatest obstacle to progress is not without, it is within. It is this small word called FEAR. The tragedy is that fear is not something that we are born with. We learn and acquire it in the process of life. Society, which unfortunately has a preponderance of people that have not chosen to make something meaningful out of their lives, teaches us these fears and we unwittingly assimilate them. At birth infants are fearless, the only blemish being an inclination to fear loud sounds and falling. As far as achievement is concerned these are harmless blemishes. Even fear of death is taught because a child who is never taught about death will become an adult that is not afraid of death. In case you are afraid of death, remember that Fear of death is a vanity and a waste of time, for the very simple reason that no one will get out of this life alive.

Research has shown that about 90% of the things that we fear never happen. Of the 10% that does occur, the person that is relaxed and is not intimidated by the situation is better placed to resolve the situation creatively and quickly. Fear tends to stifle creativity and prolong a crisis. Fear even kills. At post mortem many accident victims do not have injuries severe enough to cause death and many drowning victims do not have water in their lungs while as many as 80% of people that die from snake- bites do not have enough venom in their bodies, according to a report published by the British Medical Journal. They simply died from fear of what was about to happen and not the mishap itself. In the light of all this evidence, I put it to you that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. In many a case FEAR is nothing but False Evidence Appearing and masquerading as Reality. You have nothing to lose but your bondage to smallness, and if you continue nursing your fears your sojourn in the prison of oblivion will be prolonged.

Winners Don't Doubt. Doubters Don't Win.

The source of all fear is self- doubt and a sense of inadequacy. No one is afraid of an adversary that he is confident of overcoming; and no one is afraid of the consequences of a situation whose outcome he believes he is able to influence favorably. Even jealous is a fear of scarcity; that there is not enough for everyone therefore I also won't be able to have it. Our fears exist because we underrate our potential to navigate skillfully through the challenges of life. We doubt ourselves to our own detriment. As a rule, winners do not doubt themselves and doubters do not win in life.

The universe is on our side, but more often than not we ourselves are not on our own sides. We bet against our success by nursing doubt and fear, thereby failing to engage in actions that make for our progress. It is impossible to eject fear out of your life and remain in a lowly state. In the long run the cost of fear in terms of opportunities lost is incalculable. Banish your fears and crucify your doubts. You have a right to lead an exceptional life. Don't allow fear to meddle with your mission. This week take stock of your fears, eliminate them one by one and move forward with unrelenting pace.
The author is a motivational speaker, management consultant and author of the best selling book- Rebound: The winning mantra

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