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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Antidote for Depression

When your inner self is left vulnerable to the whims of your fertile imagination, trouble will likely ensue. Your mind will remain in control only to the degree that you are unable to separate from its images and be inner directed instead.

Whenever depression begins to get a grip on you, it is imperative that you sit still and calm your mind. From this point of stillness, watch the myriad of images and thoughts pass by the field of vision of your mind's eye.

Thoughts of worthlessness, insecurities, past failures, regrets and resentments will emerge. Watch these troubles objectively, as if sitting on the river's edge watching a leaf being carried downstream. You remain outside of and separate from the river, watching but unaffected by its swift current. In the same fashion, stay separate from the often powerful stream of negative thoughts and images that flow by your inner vision.

Stay out of this current while remaining ever watchful and respectful of its force, but never resenting what you may see. Resentment binds one to the thought or image.

By detaching from these negative thoughts and dispassionately viewing them, you will be released from their further control. Do not struggle with these thoughts. Diligently remain separate and objective and the depression shall lift.

Particularly note those negative thoughts and images which are repetitive. Choose to refuse to allow these habitual thoughts to continue to have impact on your day to day activities any longer.

Realize this potentially life altering truth. This choice is yours to make. Realize the power only you possess to choose which thoughts you will allow to permeate your being and shape your reality. Realize that the thoughts you hold from moment to moment, shape your experience and ultimately your destiny.

Truly realize this and take action now!

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