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Monday, September 17, 2007

Training Your Mind - The Law Of Attraction

Having a Focus mind is imperative to success. Even if you are skepticle about the power of intention, it isn't difficult to imagine what a discipline mind can do for you. In reality, it is difficult to have absolute focus on one thing that you are doing without being sidetrack. Ask even the most focus thinker and he will tell you it is difficult not to be distracted in a given situation.

So does it mean it is impossible to be focus? Not quite, a good solution to these problems is to build your mental discipline, your ability to stay focus on whatever it is you consciously decide to think about. We spend a lot of time thinking, yet how much effort do we consciously put in to managing our thoughts?

To begin to train your mind to be focus. You should start by consciously blocking out negative thoughts and indulging in activities that distract you. Watching TV is one example as it is fill with many negative influence which are hard to control once addicted. Learn to be more aware of the things you are doing on hand and concentrate on it rather than be distracted by things around you. When you are lifting weights at the gym, concentrate on the particular group of muscle you are working on. Focus on the contractions not the people around you. Although it is impossible to have 100% focus on whatever you are doing. Your degree of focus will get better with practice.

Negative people never run out of excuses to complain. Staying away from such people will eliminate negative thinking and let's you focus on the positive. Learn to " switch channel" quickly by rejecting negativity and focusing on a happy and positive situation. Set a standard and stick to it. Do not let someone's opinion sway your decision.

Improving you finance. Financial burden can weight you down and distract you from achieving your goals. Consciously work toward your financial goals first. Only when such distraction is remove, can you focus on things that are of more importance.

Last but not least, spend time in your recreation. Having a relaxing moment takes stress away and help you focus on your game. In whatever you do, do it well and with an intention. Since we are not robots and cannot completely shut off our emotions. We need to learn to control them and let our intention dominates our thoughts and action.

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