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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Power of an Hour

A recent article in the New York Times quoted a medical expert on the life-saving difference even one hour can make between feeling the symptoms of a heart attack and making that call to 911. Yet, the physician reported, the average time it takes people to make that call is 111 minutes, a statistic that hasn't changed in 10 years, even though that first hour is critical.

Imagine the power an hour can make in other facets of our life. If we just took one hour to eat healthier, exercise, learn new skills, meditate, or just to enjoy ourselves, the benefits would be enormous versus the cost of losing one more hour to inaction.

Here are Five Ways To Find The Power in an Hour

The Power to Learn: Set aside one hour every week to learn something new for your career, to become a better parent, or to become a better child to an older parent. Check out a book at the public library. Take an on-line course or seminar. Dedicate one hour each week to master new skills and insights to power up your career and relationships!

The Power to Play: Set aside one hour each week to do something you really enjoy. Read. Play a musical instrument. Knit. Join a bowling league. Play golf. Your stress will dissipate when you officially schedule "play-time" each week!

The Power to Enjoy a Meal: Set aside one hour each week to make a meal an event, not a chore. Schedule all family members to be present, or invite good friends. Make it a simple meal* to allow your hour to be relaxing, spent sharing conversation and life stories. When you discover how delightful a shared dinner can be, you'll want to schedule an hour for a meal more than just once a week!

The Power to Exercise: It can seem daunting to schedule an entire hour each day just for exercise. But what about 20 minutes each morning, at lunch and then again in the evening to take a walk? One Harvard University study reported that walking just three hours a week, or 30 minutes a day, can reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 40 percent. Walk up and down stairs or back and forth through hallways if you can't go outside every day. Just start walking!

The Power to Think: An hour of meditation can substantially lower your blood pressure and improve your health in countless other ways. It's also a great way to set aside time for you to rest, reflect and become more focused -- without all those outside interruptions -- on what you really want out of your career and lifestyle!

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