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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Power of a Healthy Mindset

Do you have a healthy mindset? What IS a healthy mindset, you're asking? Well, I like to describe it this way.

As an example, let's say you get a bad cold every winter. What do you say to yourself when the flu shot commercials tell you that there's no escape. Rush to get the "shot" or else. Even while watching these "warnings" on t.v. you see yourself sick and can almost feel flu symptoms manifesting.

Unless you turn your thoughts to happy, healthy things, the suggestive influence of the media's concern for your health will have the power over you. Why do I say that? Well, let's have a look at why you may be apt to take other people's advice, including that of your doctor.

Are you eating right? Are you willing to invest some time and money in products and supplements that will give you optimum health - naturally? Or are you the type who thinks you're too busy and want to eat only those things that taste good?

It's so simple and easy to just go for the "shot" and forget all the rest. After all, there are so many conflicting arguments for and against nutrients, supplements and health risks, aren't there?

Consider this. Instead of listening to all those voices out there, who do not know a thing about you, how about talking to yourself?

Do you realize that what you say is super important? Those words out there in cyberspace are taken all too often as the truth. Why? Someone may be speaking the fact that some sort of research has been done and you subsequently tell yourself that must be authentic. That is... until another news item announces that this year's flu strain is not what the experts had anticipated, and the wrong serum caused more severe symptoms and many more deaths than other years.

Take your power back! You are much more in control of your own health than you may realize! Train your mind to look at all the positive sides of life. You do not HAVE to get the flu every year - even if you did so all the previous years, like clockwork. You can just as easily say to yourself: "this year I'm going to empower my immune system with lots of great, healthy nutrition. I am going to exercise more and look at the bright side of life."

Seems very simplistic, doesn't it? But, really it is very simple. A mindset is really another word for attitude. An attitude is basically nothing but a conversation with yourself. You can be saying: "I don't feel like trying something new, or getting another opinion." On the other hand, you could love yourself enough to say: "Hey, I want to be healthy and feel good. Let's see how I can boost my immunity."

You can choose to feel better and happier by optimizing your nutrition. Consider that the options of medicine very often are the consequences of an unhealthy mindset.

Your power lies in the amount of control you give yourself over what you choose to believe. A healthy mindset produces a healthy appetite for what is good for you. After all, the Bible says that God:

"satisfieth thy mouth with good things, so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's." (Ps. 103: 5)

Ann Stewart is author of inspirational book and articles. Her latest newsletter, Youth Makeover, provides weekly Health Tips.

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