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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Positive Thinking Quotes For Every Day

By Joel Chue

A popular positive thinking quote is 'what you think is what you live'. This means, if you think positively, you can live positively. If you want good things to happen, think positively. Self talk is the endless stream through out an individual's life. If you think positively, your power of subconscious mind will give you abundant energy through which you can succeed.

"Success is the result of positive planning, positive visualization and positive action", this is one of the positive thinking quotes. Change negative thoughts into positive thoughts which will show the path of success and happiness. 'Success is the state of mind, which is the power of subconscious mind. If you want to succeed start thinking positively, self talk positively, practice positive thinking then definitely you will have victory. Different people react differently to the same situation. Those who think and act positively will get positive results and who think and act negatively will get negative results.

Another positive thinking quote is, "Positive thinking is the key to success". Positive action reinforces positive thoughts which will result in success. When you have a specific goal, if you are clear about the goal, sure about it and have strong desire to achieve it , then take out all negative thoughts about it and work with confidence and faith. If you work positively you will succeed. Say to yourself 'I can do it' in the place of 'I can't and see the difference. Positive is the path of happiness and joy in individual's life.

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